Thursday , January 21 2021

The gathering of huge waste in the Pacific Ocean shakes the nation and the world

Los Angeles (AP) – Trash Collection device deposited on floating coral plastic waste in the Pacific Ocean between California and Hawaii has separated and will be withdrawn to dry land for repair.

Boan Slate, who started the Pacific Ocean Cleaning Project, told NBC News last week that a 2,000 foot (600 meter) long floating boom would be 800 miles (1,300 kilometers) in air.

If it can not be repaired, it will be loaded on the badge and will be returned to its home port in Elamada, California.

Winds and waves continued to boom in the Pacific.

Slate said that he is disappointed, but not disappointed and promised that the work will resume as soon as possible.

The 24-year-old Dutch inventor said, "This is a completely new series of machines that are out in the most challenging situations." "We have always kept in mind that we will have to take it several times in advance, so that is not really a significant departure from the original plan."

Earlier, Slate said that the boom was moving at a slower speed than the plastic, which moves the waste.

In September, a vessel from San Francisco to the Great Pacific Curb Patch went into a U-shaped barrier – which was doubled by Texas size. It was at that place since the end of October.

A 10 feet deep (3-meter-deep) plastic barrier screen works like a coastline, which is trapping several pieces of 1.8 trillion plastic, which scientists estimate that scientists estimate because of safe sea life. Swim it down.

Slate has said that he hopes for one day that he will prepare 60 devices to plan plastic debris from the sea level.

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