Monday , July 26 2021

The ISS footage of the Soyuz rocket launch makes the Hollywood directors shy

A video that looks like a typical performance shop, we have captured one of the most striking views of the rocket launch by ISA astronaut Alexander Gervest.

This extraordinary timetable shows the launch of the Russian Soyuz rocket, which flew on November 16, 2018, from the Biconur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan. The 2564 kg cargo-carrying carrier is sitting on top of the MS-10 spacecraft rocket, which is found on the way to the International Space Station.

ISS is about 400 kilometers from the Earth's surface and runs at approximately 28,000 kilometers / hour speed. Supplies are run after the ISS wax overhead, allowing the cargo handcraft to move forward and reach out in about two days, which was November 18, 2018 in this case.

Armed with a camera, the European Space Agency astronaut Alexander Gervier shot a video inside the European Built Kapol module. Playback is between 8 to 16 times the normal speed, and it saves 15 minutes of footage in one minute.

In the context of considerable moments, the Soyaz-FG Rocket Booster takes place on a different 7-second mark, followed by the core stages in different 19 seconds. In 34 seconds, the core stage starts burning in the atmosphere, and returns to Earth only after its fuel supply. It's really nice to burn on the entry again. At this stage, Pragyan Spacecraft is separated from the rocket and enters the orbit in search of the ISS.

Gehrst's video provides a perspective of rocket launches that is not commonly used, but what a spectacular display to see from the ISS is yet another reminder. Although appealing to this video, it's likely to be compared to what it looks like.


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