Sunday , January 17 2021

The journalist Bre Patan, who died of swine flu, was not "anti-vasez"

Fidelist Editor, Benjamin Domaineck, Clarify that BRA Patan, This publication journalist who recently died in the USA. By Swine flu Only 26 years old, she was not ambiguous Anti-vacuum movement Because it was guessed.

"Unfortunately, some media have used Twitter with it when it was just a teenager to describe the brain as part of the anti-vaccine movement. This is extremely unnecessary and misleading"Domenak said in a statement.

The editor clarified that in the tweet, in which Peten was convicted of being in front of the vaccine, What a young journalist was really doing "was enjoying California's home state, where vaccination rates were declining."

"In all those years he worked with us at Fidelist, where he wrote more than 1,000 articles, A note never opposed vaccination has never been issued. We have asked all the media to reconsider their report and to honor the grandfather of the Paton family at this time, "Domenak inspected.

Contributed to conservative media like Patan Channel Fox News A News News Network, however, was part of the Federalist magazine.

At the weekend, there was a lot of excitement in the subject of her death, because her old tweet issue was used to talk about her. a

The tweet in question is used as support for its alleged adherence to the anti-vaccination movement, which has since June 2011.

In the message, Bree responded to the release of "LA Times", which was referenced in a note The government asked the people to give more vaccines.

Pete responded precisely by writing it to that publicationThe vaccine was something of the devil.

But now, her old boss has come to clarify it The young woman never opposed the size of health.

Federalist published an emotional message on December 28 to remove the bra.

"Bray joined Fidelity in April 2015 and in a few years the news became an increasing star … He published the life of everyone around him. She was cheerful, hard working, kind. "

In 1998, British doctor Andrew Wakefield published the results of "The Lancet" in the Journal Research in which he analyzed twelve autistic children. He then said that there was a relationship between autism and triple vaccine administration which protects against acne, rubella and cheek.

However, he questioned because the sample of his study was very small, only twelve children, the reaction of the case was that the vaccination rate in the United Kingdom decreased.

In the United States, California is one of the states where the Anti-Vacein movement has a majority of followers.

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