Wednesday , March 3 2021

The key to meditation, post traumatic stress

Post traumatic stress (PTSD) is much more effective in treating the victims. As an American scholar published in Psychiatry, former scientist Lancet Psychiatric, as a treatment used today,

ESPT can be given when a person experiences a frightful experience like death or violence or sexual assault.

Repeated memories, nightclubs, trying to avoid everything that the event remembers is indicative of illness and depression.

This occurs mainly in the victims of assaults and soldiers (either in Iraq or Afghanistan, 14 percent of US military service suffered from ESPT).

In current treatments, therapy is exposed through exposure. Introduction of sick, places, images, emotions, sounds and smells is gradually introducing in relation to the disease. Their body not only reacts sharply but also stress

But this method is difficult for the victims of the ESP. About 30 to 45% of patients are diagnosed with treatment.

Researchers at three American universities have suffered 203 injuries.

The army, men and women are divided into three groups: one meditation, the second primary treatment, and third in ESPT for a theoretical course.

There has been significant improvement in sixty percent of the total number of previous victims, who participated in 20 minutes of meditation. More and more people in this group ended study than those who exchanged therapy.

Breathing or an object, the awareness of energy, and the state of perception of focus at the moment of attention. In this way, you can keep yourself away from painful feelings or emotions.

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