Wednesday , August 4 2021

The last days to take vaccinations against the Masons and Rubella

A week before the national vaccination campaign, the Ministry of Health and Environment reported that children in the city of Acacia, Rubella and Mumps, especially in Rio Galgios, have enough children to spare.

Today's Health Center no. 1 was visited by the immediate door of 1 and on the 23rd evening of Friday, in the San Benito neighborhood and Saturday, November 24, from 11am to 3mm. Will continue with the population up to San Martín neighborhood houses, 122 homes and del Carmen, so families with 13 months and 4 years of age receive immunity related to children.
The population also reminds them that they can visit the nearest health centers of their homes to obtain related hospitals, vaccinations, clinics and related doses. 8 mm to 8 cm vaccination of Rio Galligios, HRR and Child Care Center (PJ Zuckerina 646) Works up to

It should be noted that Art 22,909 / 1983 is mentioned in the clause. 11 that vaccinations included in national calendars are mandatory for all residents of the country "because this has resulted in a restrictive policy and a mandatory protection measure is established.

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