Monday , January 25 2021

The missing child was found murdered: Another citizen admitted to the crime Chronicle

A 13-year-old boy, who was missing from Sunday in the city of Rio Sagondo in Cordoba, was found Tuesday in a rural area on Tuesday. In fact, another 16 arrested has been arrested.

According to the information provided by the investigative spokesman, the discovery of the body was discovered as a result of the instructions provided by the body itself after the discovery was made.

Dead teenager, known as Franco ArrozOn Sunday he went on a bicycle to go to the pool with friends and since then his family did not know much about it.

Franco was 13 years old.

During the search, the police were found to be 35 km from the provincial capital. Initially found in the rural area of ​​Rio Sagondo on the early Tuesday of the Children's Congregation at 3.30 am.

At first glance, according to his relatives, Eros was hit on the head, which is believed to be applied to the club with two stripes on the neck, although the results of the autopsy are waiting to be confirmed.

The spokesman said that before the arrest of the 16-year-old boy was discovered, according to the investigation, information was provided so that the body could be found and he would know that he was aggressive.

The victim's mother made statements on Cordoba's channel 12 and convinced her son "He was murdered because his bicycle was stolen to sell him for drugs" And made clear that Franco knew the detention she did not know.

The case is investigated by the local public prosecutor's office and the Juvenal Criminal Court of Feria.

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