Monday , January 18 2021

The most powerful speeches of the Golden Globes 2019

Continuing this trend as the Golden Globe Awards resumed in 2018 In Hollywood, actresses used podiums to raise their voices in favor of women empowerment and diversity.

Some of the main honors at night Lady Gaga, Sandra Oh and Patricia Clarkson They mentioned the difficulties women faced in the industry They proposed to include and continuously promote women's role in front and behind scenes..

"I admit to being in the stage tonight, watching the audience and this moment of change. This moment is real. Trust me, it's real. Because I see you and you. The face of change, others will see them too"Sandra Oh, during her initial monologue, the first Asian woman to win several Golden Globes said.

King of Regina, The winner of the statue for best supporting actress in the movie for her role If Bill Street can talk He twice doubled and promised to hire more women in his creators and encouraged everyone to do the same.

"I will use this moment to tell you that in the next two years, T.All I am creating, I promise – it will be difficult – 50 percent will be women", After receiving the statue, declared the star supporting the" Times up up 2 "and added:I challenge all of you, anyone who is in power, not just in our industry, I challenge you to stand with us and do the same."

On the other hand, Lady Gaga has highlighted the difficulties she faced in her career as a woman.

"It is very difficult for you to take seriously as a woman in the music industry", Released for its theme after receiving the award for Best Song in the Movie "Shallow" In A star is born.

Patricia Clarkson, thanked the director of Direct Objects, Jean-Marc Vallie: "You demand everything from me, except for sex, which is exactly what should be in our industry"For the best actress of the miniseries or the television movie, the winning star said that high-profile Hollywood and Hollywood actors refer to sexual abuse scandals in their statement.

Glenn Claus, winner for Best Actress Wife He guaranteed: "We are women who care for others who are expected of us, we have our children, our wives, if we are very lucky and our comrades, but we must understand ourselves, follow our dreams, tell us, & # 39; I can do it & # 39; and I'll have to allow them; Receive the salvation of the current public

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