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The organization could not stand against San Lorenzo and now the series for this cyclone was 3 to 2


This one Organization She knows about great battles. He knows what the resurrection is, to start it again, who showed at the beginning of the series. And to continue the fight for the most precious trophies, Angel Sandrin, his strength, will be obliged, returned more than ever before, National Basketball League title.

After a good start La Gloria, It's been at a difficult stage of San Lorenzo (One loss in 31 games of the season) from 96 to 80, and he was again below the final key in front of the fines.

Against 2-3, led by team Fasido Muller This Monday will play with all the responsibility to win Alta Cordoba, Yes or yes, to force the seventh and decisive final duel against a powerful three-time champion. And return to the pando.

When San Lorenzo gets the first chance to become the first team to achieve the first four years in the league.

She has already returned with a handicap in Alta Cordoba and she learned how to respond to Albirozo. After the first two matches, here in Boodeo, San Lorenzo won 71-69 and 78-74, Instituto accelerated to 75-66 (overtime) and 83-80 in Alta Cordoba.

The owner of the match, La Gloria was the best at the start. But in the supplement, homeowners, with their deadly attacks, were their best basketball, which was crucial against the 44th Cordovan Caste, who scored a score of 61 points.

Mueller's team was started with the winning rhythm of Cordoba, which started in the first quarter of a little scoring. San Lorenzo has excited the game in painting, in which Jerome Manses as a standard (10 points in Segment) Instituto, which was never ahead of this stage in the finals, Gaston soon raced to 9-7, the first time with criminals, by Road Green. More neat, he stayed with the opening chapter 20-15.

The organization continued to control the rhythm. Santiago Scala brought bench points (not starting for the second match), while Pablo Espinoza, like the whole series, fled into a repetitive fight (4 offensive in the first 20 minutes) and Albirozo escaped. For the benefit of 8: 25-17 to 1 & # 39;

The local coach moved to the bench and "Santo" responded partially to match 11-4, and in response, one down (28-29) with Donald Sims. The champion came into rhythm, but closed in the second segment with seven points, followed by "Chizzito" Gonzalez and Gloria maintaining the 36-35 mark.

For the rhythm of "panca"

San Lorenzo came out to face the second offensive in defending and Gloria found it difficult to take a comfortable shot Additionally, the champion began to control the rhythm "panca" aguirre. It was played with the time of Santiago Bay Base and the Cyclone was in control of the party because it did not receive both of Sandrin's sides, benefitting 9 (58-49) in six minutes.

They retrieved Alburozo from "Chuzto" and Scala's hand, and Astben Batista could play in painted areas. Likewise, the champion closed better and retained the 65-58 command.

And opened the final segment on the goal of the pure San Lorenzo goal. The difference increased from 8-0 to 73-58. La Gloria again started playing again in the first two matches of the series, but the rhythm was more complex with "Santo" in winning. That was Gloria, Skela placed "bombs" two.

But San Lorenzo was not ready to take risks in the previous games at his stadium and was put in the champions mode, with Tucker, his scorer led a deadly crime to rest the game and to force it to stop.

I can not "El Panca" Aguirre was often unstable for Pablo Espinoza. (Telem)


San Lorenzo 96
José Vilsoza 3
Nicholas Aguir 18
Der Tucker 23
Ramon Clement 9
Which Mines 20

like this. FlareUpup 0
Donald Sims 11
Marcus mother 4
Joel Anthony 8

DTGonzalo García

Organization 80
Gaston Wellen 14
Luciano Gonzalez 16
Rodney Green 6
Famous piano 10
Sam Clancy 0

Santiago Scala 19
Astben Batista 9
Pablo Espinoza 6
Enzo Roopic 0
DTFaceau Müller

  • Partial: First Quarter: San Lorenzo 15-Instituto 20; 2 °: 35-36 (20-16); 3 °: 65-58 (30-58); 4 °: 96-80 (31-22).
  • Referee: Pablo Estevez-Fernando Samípetro-Landro Lescino.
  • Stadium: Roberto Pando

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