Tuesday , August 3 2021

The retail dollar closed more than one paisa on Friday to $ 38.50 a week.

Surprise in the city

Lead to the ticket, explain operators, have to deal with the disappointing positions of positions in Peso before the central bank slips. Lack of liquidity, too

Dollar was closed with a sharp dollar in the dollar this Friday, which was driven by the disarmament of the Kerry Trade Positions (the assets were passed in dollars in Peso) and during this week the holiday was affected by small quantities (United States of America).

So things The Wholesale Dollar went to Peso at $ 37.60 at the rate of 10 cents on the last day of the week. P.T. Gustavo Quintana, operator of Cadence, said, "Since the end of September, today's boom has not been repeated by its intensity and the exchange rate was brought to the level of the first day of October."

The ticket, in fact, reached a maximum of $ 37.90 after half an hour of closing, while there was unpredictable buying pressure, which it could not sell and so the price increased.

Thus, the week ended in the last week, the wholesale exchange rate has increased by one penny sixty-seven cents compared to closure on last Friday.

With respect In the retail quote, the important jump of Peso with ten cents was close to $ 38.50 (1.52 peso in a short week). In some banks, they also came to pay fifteen cents more Central Bank is one of the main components of the city, more than the extended average.

The move above the bill to continue next week, certainly the Central will have to stop reducing the rate. On Friday, however, financial power continued with Downward Path last week.

He undertook the auction liquidity letters for 10 days and was given $ 134,844 million. Average cut rate was 61.405%, below.

"People in Argentina do not have fixed terms as long-term savings, they have it because they pay more than the dollar. Then they make profit and return to the dollar. Beware of BCRA, do not get confused"Said CEMA economist, Carlos Rodriguez.

"Can BCRI reduce rates of futures by reducing the exchange rate and reduce the interest rates in futures? This is the game: Director of Capital Gain Echo Gorda Federico Fúreseses by Range Compression in Peso Curve (Duration Effect), said the dollar price from the bottom band.

Bank by bank

The dollar closed above $ 38 in all the banks in the city. In most part, he made it over $ 38.50.

The contribution made to the central bank extended by the average, was the following:

Banks Galicia: $ 36.60 – $ 38.60

Banks Nasian: $ 36.75 – $ 38.45

ICBC Bank: $ 36.85 – $ 38.85

Banks Frances: $ 36.41 – $ 38.39

Banks Superwick: $ 36.40 – $ 38.20

Citi Bank: $ 36.75 – $ 38.65

Banks Patagonia: $ 36.65 – $ 38.65

Banks Centers: $ 36.60 – $ 38.60

HSBC: $ 36.30 – $ 38.30

Banks Creditcock: $ 36.55 – $ 38.47

Banks Itau: $ 36.50 – $ 38.50

Banks Macro: $ 36.20 – $ 38.10

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