Sunday , January 24 2021

The sad truth at the bottom of the Blue Hall of Belize

Richard Branson expected his latest journey in the world's largest sinkhole to reveal "myancies and myths of monsters and wonders".

Instead, founders of billionaire Virgin found signs of plastic bottles and climate change.

Branson and Ocean Conservationist Fabian Wrestling completed the first submarine dive at Belize's Blue Hall, which had a large sinkhole to release two Boeing 747s in the room, last month, the mission was broadcast on Discovery Channel.

"For the deeper mythical monsters?" Brans asked in a recent blog post. "Well Transformation – and Plastic," the real monsters who truly face the ocean.

The Blue Hall at the edge of the blues is 64 km away.

Flight Center

The Blue Hall at the edge of the blues is 64 km away.

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"Sadly, we watched the plastic bottle at the bottom of the hole, which is a real curse of the sea. We have got rid of the same plastic."

The 124-meter deep, 318 meter-wide synch is located in the Lighthouse Reef on the coast of Belize, part of the UNESCO-listed Belize Barrier Reef system, and is part of the magnet for scuba divers.

About 300 feet (91 meters) below, Branson, wrestling and Aquatica, the main pilot of the submarines, came up to the wall of Erica Bergman Streets – evidence, says Branson, a cave system originally formed on dry land.

"The ocean gives evidence of how quickly and devastating it is. The sea level was once in hundreds of feet … You can see the change in the rock where it can be a land and turn into a sea. It was one of the most memorable memorials. The dangers of climate change I've ever seen. "

The skeletons of crab, coaches and other marine creatures were also found by the team, who went out of oxygen descending in the hydrogen sulfide layer of the hole.

Sponsored by the Virgin Voyage, the team is hoping to collect information on water quality and oxygen levels and record high-resolution footage of the interior of Sinclosel.

They wanted the Ocean Unit to promote sea awareness and help achieve the goal of safeguarding the sea at least 30% of the world by 2030.

Branson said that Belize Prime Minister Dean Barrow talked about 10% of the country's water and a ban on the grill net, "which is known as the wall of death and causes so much damage to sea ecology".

Descending in the Blue Hall

Executive Submissions

Descending in the Blue Hall

"My grandchildren will be in their thirties by 2050," Branson said. "I do not want them to raise the world without the odds of the ocean, without coral, governments need to work at least 30% of the sea by 2030 and reduce CO2 emissions as quickly as possible, by 2050, the target of zero pure emissions by 2050."

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