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The story of the party of APN that he has started with hentianus infection, in which the patagonia is mysterious

16 people who had contracted this disease did so during the birthday. Six of them died.

Appen is a town that is sad. People do not go out on the street. Neither the impressive mountain scene and the magnificence of its large lake reaches to end suffering.

Meyer Antonio Rita, the mayor of 4,000 inhabitants located in the heart of Anden Perellal Region 42, told Clariny that "yesterday (Friday), we call female nurse goodbye, which we all loved, we are in mourning." On the road 40

Hentavirus eruption has 6 deaths. All the residents of the APN and the same family are connected to the circle and friends. So far, 19 positive cases have been reported (six are counted dead), 8 were removed, 1 suspected and under 2 observations.

But the biggest worry of this outbreak is the change of viruses transmitted by rats and their transmission person. Dr. Teresa Stella said that this infection "occurs in the initial period of the first episode of the first 48 and 72 hours due to close contact with patients."

The Health Ministry official was optimistic in his recent statements: "The case has dropped, we have to wait for two incubation periods to break out."

He explained that "this is something extraordinary" and "we do not believe that the virus is more aggressive than the other season." In this country there were always cases of Hantavirus, as it happens in other parts of the country. He also made clear that "all cases were registered without the cases registered in other people in the eponymous town."

The doctors in the area have confirmed that everything started on 24th November during the celebration of teenage birthday. There was a pawn that contracted the disease to clean the shade. He spread his virus and spread his wife and party girl.

Both he and his wife survived. Girl died. I was 14 years old. It was December 3 and it became the first victim.

Other cases arose from those meetings, so that 50 people related to the circle separated from quartain in different quarters.

About the cases of isolation George Elias said that extraordinary measures of selective loneliness were deeper. "We recognize each of the closest contacts in positive cases and use them individually." And then added that at this time respiration remains with solitude, which moves home.

Hantavirus is a disease that occurs in rats, directly affecting the respiratory tract of humans and can be fatal if not treated timely.

The wild mice, known as a long tail mice, receives people when they get rid of the virus by lalas, urine or feces. When dry, it connects to dust and is transported by air.

Symptoms Feel like a flu-like state: fever; Corrosive muscle pain; Cold headache; Nausea; Vomit diarrhea and in some cases, abdominal pain or lower part of the spine.

The story tells us that all this started in 1996. A village-class rural doctor apparently began to treat patients with flu-like symptoms. He suggested them according to that illness. But after a few days some died. He caught the attention of the doctor who ordered some analysis. Something was born unknown:

Something to think about is the flower of the so-called Kahu Gum. The flowers of these species are huge. After producing flowers and seeds, the plants die. This natural and cyclone event takes place approximately every 70 years.

After the production of flowers, the ecosystem becomes a chain of large intensity related ecological events, which include the transmission of rats. Currently there are no flowers in the EPU and surrounding areas.

"It is a real phenomenon, which is limited in the Population Group in Apuen City, so the provincial director of the province's pathologies and said that" it does not cover all the APN's or does not include "Epidemiology, Teresa Strela, A Highlight It does not "have any known cases in other nearby places".

In this area there were representatives of Malbron Institute, these were specialists in viral diseases. From Epane, Clerin was told that this issue was given full priority.

Deliberately Rito still does not leave her wonder and her sadness. He said, "I do not know what happens, is more democracy than the other year." "We are bad in mourning, we have lost six neighbors, but we do not have time to mourn, today we feel more relaxed, I have been living in this country for 40 years, I am always working in forests and mountains, and know that we We are sad in the APN, but int to keep fighting. "

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