Monday , January 25 2021

The thief who shot a Swedish tourist "got a shot" | Chronicle

Second to arrest for attacking Swedish tourist Christopher PersonAfter a shot in Monserrate's Buenos Aires neighborhood in late December, his feet were fluttered, he confessed before the judge that although he fired the victims, he had argued that the shot had escaped him and that he used the weapon after the fact. .

It's about it Roberto Grado (25), with criminal records for nickname "chicago" and robbery. Assistant by Official Defender Alberto GiordanoThe magistrate and the lawyer of the case admitted that he shot a person in the context of robbery, but explained that the shot had escaped it.

The accused admitted that he had gone to steal with the other defendant at night, Rodrigo Pelaze (22), and he was sitting on the back seat of the car that his mate came down while preparing a robbery. Gramoos made it clear that the gun was not his and after the attack on Persson, he threw it into reichules because he was afraid.

Meanwhile, as a result of the clarification of this incident, the deputy chairman of Buenos Aires government, under the chairmanship of the city's Justice and Security Ministry, Diego SantilliTogether with the Secretary of Defense, Marcelo D & # 39; Alessandro, Recognized employees of different areas involved in the investigation.

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