Tuesday , February 7 2023

These are the ways to hide your images on iOS and Android


This Smartphone It is a fundamental aspect of people's lives today. They save Sensitive Information Such as password, banking information, or even Photographs and videos People can not see people.

You can also give it Unhealthy conditions When someone lends on their phone Show some pictures And another person decides Sniff In owner images. Those moments, to avoid devices Android and IOS There are some forms in it Hide Those files that choose to hide

To maintain Safe With the eyes of others Images and videos Of devices Android You need to download some of the apps you can create Folders Or their albums that can only be accessed by one Password.

A good example is Keepafe, Which is Free And its management is based on the generation of Secret trunk Where the images and videos are stored Private And this will no longer appear in the phone's default gallery.

Its elements Safety It is based on the creation Four digit pin To protect the trunk and once inside it is extremely high FamiliarIt has a traditional gallery with options Share the content Or upload it to a personal cloud.

There is another way to do it with high level of security Hide File Specialist, Which is also available Play store, With whom you can hide Folders Perfect Personal files

In this case, the documents that are passed on to the application They will not show anywhere else And it makes it much safer than before that it can be Block access to the same application By password

In the case of devices Apple The process can be simple, although it presents it Security risks Photographs, because it is possible to hide them Without the need of the app, But there will be no password for it Stop access.

The way to do that is to open the application Photos, Select the photos you want to hide, go to the "Share" menu, and search for the option "Hide"So, there are files They will save to a specific album, but there is no way to keep them safe.

You can also do it to solve the detail Install applications To increase the security of files set to hide. Example of Keepafe It can also be used with these devices, but there are also more options.

One that was good Acceptance And thousands Downloads The public part is Secret Vault Lock Photos, Which is compatible with any type of files and blocks them Statistical password, pattern or fingerprint

There is another option Best Secret FolderOnly saving this case Pictures, Videos And Notes. However, the benefit he gives in terms of safety is that he takes advantage of the work Facial recognition The most current iPhone for the hurdle

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