Monday , January 18 2021

"These players will give everything"

Real Madrid president Florentino Perez entered the honor box of Santiago Bernabeu Brahim Diaz, Great man of the day. After the player's video, he took the floor, while some members said, "to see what Florentino tells us". The White Team chairman told them that they should remain silent, so that players will give everything.

"There is a maximum requirement in history to win the 13 European Cup, yesterday we have offered third consecutive World Cup, fourth position in five years, we should give value to the Madrid at this stage of success, but we know this time of victory and the triumph of victory and the difficult game There are also moments, "he said. Florentine Praise the titles that won this season

In addition, he trusted his team during difficult times. "The club, this team and these players are going to give everything and we will continue to create a real Madrid ready to thrill Real Madrid in the current and future," said Marenu's team's senior official, who was very serious during the presentation. Diaz.

It should be remembered that on Sunday afternoon, the team took the lead technically through Argentina Santiago Solaris After three wins and a draw, La Liga lost again, this time they lost 2-0 Real Sociedad With goals from William Joes and the Crusade

Geronimo Rully He was one of the starter and maximum number of matches in the visitor team, although he was very safe to defend his goal, although the Marengeu team reached its goal countless times. However, the arrival was not reached and Madrid He returned to the ship, which was a shock before departure Loptegui.

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