Monday , May 29 2023

They are requesting to extend their meetings for a further day


One day, the municipal court was asked to expand the XXXIV meeting communities for a day. This was started in the national flag on Friday.

The climate in the city's most popular parties again made a joke. Saturday night storm predictions. Yesterday, the wind and water left their seal and surroundings. The conditions for receiving acceptance of the public were regarded as not normal.

In this context, the municipal corporation started to expand for a day in front of the municipality.

"We are in discussions to extend them one more day," Livida del Grossozo Colstevivads president confirmed.

An article for organizing foreign groups is expected to be reorganized on Monday, 19th, on the agenda of planned programs in the main phase of taking up the party before celebrating national sovereignty day.

Ambassadors of the meeting to be held today.

The storm lasting more than three hours last night had two suspensions suspended. The strong winds of the wind and the abundant waterfall on Sundays affected many tents, and the stance of the foreign giants.

Part of the main structure affects the storm and the most affected communities are tail facilities in Russia, Slovenia, Poland and Brazil.

The park ended on Friday with the democratic system of La Bandera. The meeting began to close next Sunday.

The city is celebrated this year in more than 50 countries across five continents. Music, dance, traditional clothing, food, its tradition and culture.

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