Monday , August 2 2021

They discover the sun's "lost twins" located 184 light-years from Earth

Astronomers confirm that both stars have the same chemical composition, they are born from the same gas cloud and volvo and have a caval.

"Sun Shade", a star located 184 light-years from Earth, in which there is akin to the Sun's chemical composition and born from a cloud of dust and dust that originated our stars, was eventually identified by a team of astronomers. After years of searching.

It is a Star HD 186302 and its invention has been described in the Astronomy and Astrophysics Journal by the Portuguese Institute of Astrophysics, led by Varde Adibeken.

For years, astronomers have followed the sun's twins, because it is known that the stars "are born in hundreds of thousands of clouds of gas and dust, which are added for gravitational instability," Isabella Pegona's Catania, the National Institute of Astrophysics of Sicily (INAF) ).

"Over time the stars of these pulses are moved and spread," Pegona explained.

Meanwhile, Adeebike declared: "The sun does not have a twin, but many people and personalizing it can help us understand where it is in the galaxy and under what conditions it was created."

Researchers examined about 20,000 stars calculated by the European Special Agency (ISA) GAIA satellite and selected the most like the Sun.

And among them, the most similar HD 186302 moves in such dimensions, temperature, composition, luminosity and so on.

Your sun appears to be in the Sun, which is 4.5 billion years old, but "still," Pegasus has declared, "Researchers have admitted that" other studies are needed to better calculate the age. "

The next step is to find the ultimate planets in the orbit around the star because the discovery can affect the search of life, because "the only place in the universe that we know for sure is that the life is created in the solar system.

This means that the chemical composition of parameters, age, temperature, luminosity, and the sun are all components compatible with life as we know it.

Therefore, in the orbit surrounding the Sun, similar planets such as Earth, with the same characteristics of the Sun, can be the conditions required to host life forms, experts evaluate.

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