Friday , May 7 2021

They find an unknown bright thing on Mars (photo)

Curiosity Rover discovered an unusual bright object on the surface of the red planet. The image has been published on Twitter.

This object, photographed by Curiosity, got the name of the Little Colón, as well as the Inner Hebrides Archipelago's Island.

In an article published on NASA's official mission page, Dr. Susan Schwenner wrote, "We are trying to make the models look better, the Little Cologne, the planning team thinks it may be a meteorite because it's too bright." Curiosity

However, the expert warned that it is very quick to draw the conclusion about the origin of the object. It is necessary for chemical analysis.

"The textures will be misleading and the test will only come from chemical analysis," he said.

NASA Curiosity Rover landed on the surface of the fourth planet of the solar system on August 6, 2012. Throughout all these years, this spacecraft has successfully completed all its mission functions. In particular, he found clues on the existence of ponds with fresh water and rivers on Mars, as well as other discoveries.

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