Friday , January 15 2021

They prevented the woman and her son's son from preventing Hantavirus, who died in La Plata

Due to the 4-year-old son and the woman who died in the husband La Plata on Saturday, due to the hentaires They were detained today and were separated by prevention Because they were the only infectious focus.

When the baby was referred to the hospitality hospital, the man was transferred to San Martin de la Plata. Thais Perez, after the death of 34, started with these two members of his family Diarrhea, vomiting and fever; And doctors decided to keep them intensive care under observation as mentioned in the protocol. Now, the Malbran Institute will have to wait for the results, which will take them in three to four days.

"They are interned because people who are exposed to the virus that died from this virus should always be closely monitored. There are no signs that they are infected And there are no signs that blood and serum restrictions are positive, "Dr. Arrieta, director of the Ramon Carolello Hospital in Castelli, said that the husband of the deadly husband was found.

Arrieta also informed that the child is only with the symptoms of diarrhea, but it was decided to enter hospital only for that background. The doctor denies that these symptoms may be the result After the mother's death, "they are going through a family crisis".

The doctor also said that for a pantheist "There are no potential remedies", So it is important to maintain preventive measures and hygiene through diarrheaation and weed control. "Whenever a seasonal outbreak comes, it is one reason to worry," he said.

Contrary to the spread of the EPU, where people are infected, When this woman was in the case, she came in contact with the mouse directly. They believe that the contagion in the room where they lived was probably in a Barn.

Holder of the Sanitary portfolio of Buenos Aires, Andres Sursi recommended that "contact with mice (especially the so-called" long-tail ") discharge, shutting down spaces for 30 minutes (home, shade, office and other places), before buffing Combine the floor with water and bleach and stop covering the hole and walls in the walls, walls or pipes. "

"Those symptoms that inspire medical advice include fever, respiratory distress and headaches, abdominal, joint and muscle," he recalls.

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