Thursday , January 21 2021

They raise 7% of the cigarette chronicle

Three weeks have passed since the beginning of the year and the value of the cigarette has already increased. With the addition of Masaline Special Company on January 6, 7.7% of British-American tobacco additions have been added since Tuesday. According to the company, it is due to the country's inflation context. Price for Marlboro and Philip Morris cigarettes increased by 6% in the previous year.

"The retail price of cigarettes is highly influenced by the high taxation rate on the tobacco industry: In fact, the value value of 80.4% is consistent with the various taxes and special funding collected by the state." Hinted British American Tobacco

The new values ​​are Lucky Strike Red Box 20, $ 76; Lucky Strike Red KS, $ 72; And Lucky Strike Red Box 12, $ 41. Meanwhile, Lucky Strike Cool Box, click on $ 76; And lucky Strike Cool KS, click on $ 72. Rothmans Red Boxes will cost $ 68 and KS 20 will be the format, while the cost of Rothman's price will be $ 60 to $ 60, so it is the lowest cost international brand. On the other hand, the new price of Paul Mall KS20 is $ 72, the company said in a statement.

The company repeated it "Some informal tobacco companies worry about following minimum tax payments, affecting the likelihood of competition on similar terms".

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