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They threw Pump Tukuma of San Antonio 9 of Julio, where her mother is interned

Sunday, December 02, 2018 15:18

Reached the end of the year which kept him away from the media and focused on work, Gladius La Bomba Tukuma She was forced to share a bad moment in her social networks, which is happening with her entire family.

Adela, His mother is passing through the worst of health, in which the singer is very worried.

In your social networks, Gladys He expressed all his discomfort.

"I tell you that my mother has a delicate moment of health, I want to pray for her, so that she will be well soon, she is a life-saucer, my mother Adela, sadness invades my soul, I Thank you for all your love, for mom, I want to pray. " He wrote on his Instagram page.

Quickly, followers Gladys They have endorsed all of their social networks.

However, the bad vocal of the singer was worse than the violent crossing with his family. In the past hours, Tukuma's singer argues with his sister Olga in the 9th De Julio Sanatorium, with which she has a very bad relationship many years ago.

Due to the scam that produced two sisters, the clinic officials asked them to leave.



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