Thursday , May 6 2021

To play with Al Cartonazo, who has $ 300,000 worth of records

With today's impression edition of EL DIA, the first batch of numbers to participate in Super Special Edition

To play with Al Cartonazo, who has $ 300,000 worth of records

Al Cartanoazo has $ 300,000 better this week

This is a new move on Friday Cartonajo With delivery Day, Along with the second card, every reader must check the published numbers in the printed version of the newspaper in a week Day Until next Wednesday, when the well winners are defined $ 300,000.

Now, on Saturday and Wednesday, five categories of fifteen issues have been published, which readers should compare to their coupons or cards delivered to the Friday edition with the Friday edition. And if they receive fifteen coins during the week, they will become a winner $ 300,000 That is put in play this week.

It is important to repeat that a reader who manages to collect 15 consent on his card will have to call the newspaper 425-0101 Or 80 weeks of the week, in 815, they are shown in their office, which ends the week of the game, which is to be told Wednesday at 11 o'clock. 5:00 am

Participate in an LED

Those cards which have expired on Wednesday should not be thrown out, but their holders must deposit them with complete data, in any newspaper receipt or in the appropriate polling booth in the Digiol number 807, because they will take part in a monthly picture, an LED.

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