Saturday , July 31 2021

Twitter Vendimia exploded with 2019 and Memes flew across the country

The graphic image of the National Harvest Festival began with the election scandal: Paper Illustrations by Pablo Miguel Morales, Daniel Federico Borden and Juan Pablo Ankina, similar to drawing by the Philippine designer John Ed D. Vera last year.

There was also an overwhelming resemblance in the job description, when an explosion with Social Networks #NoPlPlio

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See how the scandal became a joke on Mendoza

The Simpsons

A "gaucho" harvester

There were also gifs

Some works of art became the "characters" of Vendimian

Mr Bean


Dalí's Molten Clocks

After the author's copy of the original work, the winner of the contest apologized for the loss and admitted that his work was based on part by John Ed Dey Vera.

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