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Under relief, the ARA San Juan demand is the relatives of justice

Ricardo Alfaro's relatives lived first after the first pain in the mall del Plata navy. Source: LA Nation

The Mar del D'Plato's Naval Base again mirrors the images of the tragedy. Despite the lack of a common ground, the submarine cautioned the alert. Try to determine the responsibilities

MAR del Plato: – Yesterday you knew

ARA San Juan

It's gone. More than 500 km east

Komodo Rawadavia

, In his 90m meter depth, the parts of his helmet fired upon the neck. Now they feel that they are the way of truth. That is why relatives
44 The members of the club were so overwhelmed that they were suppressed, but strongly demanded that the guilty be identified and justice. "They're going to jail, they're all prisoners", a joint claim.

The incident took place on Tuesday with emotional trauma, pressure and pressure. The Navy had announced a warning from the ship.
The submarine was Ocean Infinity.

"We've been a year old to find him, and now we want criminals, and we're not going to take these 44 people for free," said Gabriel Alfaro Rodriguez, the driver of the station. His face was so tired and angry that the ship was "cold." "They will not stop us," he said.

In the hotel Tierra del Fuego, where more than 90 families live, most have reached the disappearance of the vessel, and they cried at each corner. "Everywhere there was a corridor in the corridor," says Yolanda Mendolia, mother of box office officer Landra Cisneros. There have been deep reactions, such as the head of Captain Gabriel Atis of Mar D'Plata Naval Head, and the harsh character of a journalist who records pictures of the newspaper's privacy. Doctors and psychologists managed to get more out. However, more than 20 people had to work.

Another group, along with other foreigners living in the area, ran to the Naval headquarters after finding ARA San Juan. The guards could not stop them from making sure that they would find a unit leader. "No one welcomes you, no one knows where the captain's offices are." The relatives of the electricians Sergio Clailler, Joachin George and Maria Teresa Martinez, have not been deported.

Dan met between the grief and the drugs he needed to control those first trends. Andre Merillus, wife of adolescents daughter Alfaro Rodriguez, and other relatives in the bedroom of the navy who was hijacked by a teenage daughter disappeared. The top mariners demanded that they be seen.

They are awaiting the interpretation that Atice promised. Early in the morning, the submarine wearing helmets was clothed, and explained everything in its structure. He assured the photos displayed before afternoon. At the call of the ship, the family's interest was noticed. "No time to implement this," the Navy Chief has apologized.

The relatives found the ship only a few hours after the ship was found. The company eventually ended up in the search for Ocean Infinity, and continued in second place in February. Some sleep while others have made suitcases on suitcases. Or are trapped in the lobby.

"Now we know where we are and how they know where they are and where they are going to find them," Fernando Williams, the father of the non-commissioned officer, told the Nash, that they were not the same as the naval career.

Another man sent by Chat found his body and found the father of the second submarine commander, Louis Tagliyapete, and was still an observer on the Seabed constructor. "I write now to tell you what I think, but when we found a mixture of magic of war, when they saw them, they did not get to me!" He told them.

After the first impact of this news, families now prohibit the availability of methods and instruments that allow ARA San Juan to take it to the surface. "We would like to bring our relatives now, if they have dust in the submarine, they will bring us dust," said Vitalyana, wife of Petty Officer Albert Bella.


The majority of the group is like turning the ship's fleet into zero. 44 If the vessel does not return to the final destination of the members, they are now demanding to enter it, requiring not only to find the remaining ones but also to answer the reasons for the disaster.

The people of Ocean Infinity made it clear that the ship would be damaged by 1250 meters. So the government wants to target it, said Marcelo Moissan. Like most relatives, he thinks the government has been hidden.

The recent anniversary of the disappearance of the ship has been recently announced by President Maurizio Makri, recently announced by ARA San Juan, an international governor. The Argentine Sea to remember our 44 network. "They knew from the past, they were always telling us about us," they told Chorus in a group of relatives.

Yesterday afternoon, a popular section of people, including some mothers and women who opted for a meeting point at the headquarters headquarters, became popular. The people came and blessed them. He encouraged them to continue and take them. Still in several Argentine flags and message of faith are still wearing a military unit, and finally allowing the flowers to be installed. For them, they are still missing ARA San Juan. Now, there are about 44 heroes.

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