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UNICABUL: After the riots, the tension continues against the assembly

Unicaba: Build in the Buenos Aires Assembly Source: Lioness – Credit: Fernando Massobrio

After the riots in the morning by leftist opponents,
The climate prevailed against the Buenos Airesian assembly by protesting against the project to create university teaching in the city of Buenos Aires (UNICAB).

These initiatives have been rejected by the organizations of teachers and the Left organizations as well as the opposition parties who demand greater participation in the teacher's training design and blame the initiative of not taking "legalization".

This morning, on Peru Street, when the police were setting up funeral procedures, they pulled the vehicle's fence.

In the Legislature surrounded by professors, teachers and activists of Opposition opposition parties suggested a lack of support for the project despite changes made after a year before joining the legislature, that is, in the last 13 of your article, "To propose resources and indices for the realization of institutional evaluation" state and private management With teacher training institutions "Partnerships Tiny space "to the ministry.

General Secretary George Edouard of the City Educational Association of Buenos Aires, LAC said: "We are camping from Tuesday to night, we march today to save education with 5,000 people from the Palace Palace. One year, when the project was presented, we asked Uniab And we are not going to co-exist today because the university Have been created, risking 29 teachers and organizations, jobs are endangered because state Buenos Aires does not have the ability to absorb all the employees, "he said.

"Coexistence is the slow death of teachers because it is the absorption and progressive closure of teachers, it is the same model that applies to the whole region, institutions have a tendency to be overly minded."

"After this March, if the law is approved, conflict and resistance law will be implemented, we will fight in that field," he said.

Within the Legislative Palace, Kirchner Lauren Pokók said that the project "is legitimately but not legally" because "they can not support an opposition legislature" and "nonsense" is considered to promote policy "where is not needed, and that Do not do it either. "

"Of course everything is amendable, but why do we have a huge floor to destroy it? When Unicab thought can happen, when there is already a contract with universities in the city? It is being done with the items covered by these organizations."

The Vice-President of the Education Commission said that "There may be changes in the coming year, there are things that have been privatized and re-nationalized, but they will destroy centenary institutions and will have to rebuild the next one." Policcaan asked that education is the lowest in budget history.

Socialist Roy Courtney criticized "a lack of intellectual people supporting this law" and "was concerned about the silence of the ruling party's deputies, who are capable of arguing and an interesting subject of the legislature but no one wants to talk".

Gabriel Solano of the Labor Party on the Left Front believed that he was "declaration of war on teacher training system" and criticized the Catholic Church, who suggested to be responsible for the reform of Article 13 to achieve self-evaluation. Contents in their private organizations.

However, the chairman of the education pastoral vendor, chairman Pablo Corbiolon, issued a statement in which he assured that the initiative has progressed "even if it is to add basic consensus, not in training communities, nor any other public educational actors".


There were incidents on Peru Street
There were incidents on Peru Street Source: Lioness – Credit: Fernando Massobrio

There was an overwhelmingly police operation near the Legislative Palace and included the perimeter fence, by the students of the Left Parties, teachers and activists, who were able to stop the pedestrians from passing "people who want to pass".

Unicaba: Build in the Buenos Aires Assembly
Unicaba: Build in the Buenos Aires Assembly Source: Lioness – Credit: Fernando Massobrio

At 9 o'clock Bolivar and Avenda de Mayo were the first confrontations between the opponents, which prevented the working and staffing of the area's office.

Unicaba: Build in the Buenos Aires Assembly
Unicaba: Build in the Buenos Aires Assembly Source: Lioness – Credit: Fernando Massobrio

Teachers and students did a camping against the Buenos Aires Assembly yesterday to reject the project promoted by the ruling party to create a university of education and to check the 29 teacher's educational quality.

With the forgotten Plaza de Mayo, the early days of the Hydrant Car Metropolitan Cathedral were posted as early as possible.

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