Monday , January 25 2021

Unlock the strange world in "Zelda" after more than 30 years after the appearance of the video gem

Can there be still neglected areas in the game released in 1986? Zelda Legend It shows that this is possible.

Saga's first installment was presented in the eighth century on the NES (Nintendo Entertainment System). Now, three decades ago, a user She got inside a world Zelda Who did not agree to any earlier.

"The Zelda Legend The origin is a game with an open world … and it can still be big ", she says about it Business interiors.

Dissection Gamer

This Youtube The nickname is responsible for search from "Scalcus". These parallel universes are called "Minus World", And earlier he had found one Super Mario Bros.

For this Digital Respect, The user says in his video that he was successful in breaking the bar of game code to enter this hidden area Zelda Legend. Then, walk out of the original map of the game and manage to access this world before exploring.

You can say that this is an area in the beta phase, a Development that has never crossed its ideological character. Enemies are wandering without clear intentions and their attacks are neither very specific. Evidence shows that the creators of the game do not believe this universe as a playing place: Each game points to being a field to test the real-world tasks.

However, discovery is an interesting fact. Mainly for the fans The game was a Super Pixelate and it still remains alive With the development of latest generation consoles

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