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Unpublished NASA Mission: An investigation will try to return to Earth with asteroid samples – 12/02/2018

After that Two years in March Silence, test genesis, spectral interpretation, resource identification, safety and control explorer (better known as OSIRS-Rex), will be reached by Monday 3 by stellar ships. It is an ancient asteroids, rich in carbon, which can be the origin of life and the chemical predecessors of our planet's oceans. Before collecting the surface surface sampling in 2023 and returning to the Earth with him, the spacecraft will mapping its contours for nearly two years.

Banu Photo from 2.3 million kilometers,

Banu Photo from 2.3 million kilometers,

When the vessel enters the orbit of Benoîn – being baptized in the name of Egyptian mythological bird associated with death – it will be the first time that OSIRIS-REX will act near its goal. A month ago, the investigation, 2.3 million kilometers from the distance, With its diamond shape, the universe got its first obscure image of the body, which is similar to the small mountain of 500 meters diameter. The intention is that in 2020 it gets a sample of soil, dust on its surface, Finish it in 2023 and return to Earth.

Once OSIRIS-REX – has operating value of approximately $ 800 million – linking the direction of the rocky body's rotation activity, it makes a total of five passes on the North Pole, the Equator, and the South Pole. 7 kilometers distance During these trips, you map the surface to the map, estimate its collectivity, document its structure and refine the rotation state model.

That's the maneuver Will extend for 18 monthsNear the small group, the Mission will provide the team with the experience of navigation. In addition, during that time, we will try to identify dust and gas clouds which can be dangerous sources for the device during the implementation of the scientific program.

At the moment artistic entertainment arranges TAGSAM arrows at the moment.

At the moment artistic entertainment arranges TAGSAM arrows at the moment.

Beno is one of the oldest asteroids, which responds to NASA's family known to Trojans. It was selected in 500 thousand bodies of the Solar System. Scientists understand that the asteroids They throw a bomb on the earth When he was very young, billions of years ago, sowing the structure to create life.

The suspect is that Beno – which has a high probability of affecting the Earth At the end of the 22nd century– The content of which is not more than the material changed after the creation of the Solar System 4.5 billion years Analysis of any element inside will provide valuable information about the formation and evolution of the Solar System and the origin of life on earth.

For estimating any difficulties, the spacecraft had called its robotic arm a touch and an end-of-go sampling acquisition mechanism (tigas) a week ago. Lockheed Martin's engineers were tested by the Flexing and Samcom camera of the joints, it was verified that hand ready to collect the gift of Banu.

Robot Mechanism is a shovel-vacuum combination for samples. The spacecraft will reach the asteroid until the owl located at the end of the mechanical arm, gently touches the rocky surface. Maneuvers can be run Up to three times And OSIRIS-Rex can leave Benu with a sample of dust and rocks which comes between 60 grams and two kilos. Forecasts are to be placed in a capsule on earth, which will be used on parachute for land.

The big challenge is zero gravity because the device can spread dust instead of collecting it. The difficulty has been added to predict the exact route that Ben has with him in the coming months. Beno is a matte black asteroid that absorbs sunlight and extract it as heat, which acts as a soft propylant, which gradually improves its flow. This change in orbit is known as the effect of Yarkovska.

Your immediate mover

OSIR-Rex Investigation is not the first to try this feat. The Japanese Space Agency (JXAA)'s Haibusa Mission has included two rovers on September 21 on the small capsule to the asteroid ryogi surface. The size of the cookie is not both vehicles, wheels but They move by jumping on asteroids. This ship will spend half-a-year of Space Object, which is 290 million kilometers away from Earth and will return with its land samples in 2020.

Another immediate precedent was Rosetta's investigation, which managed to anchor the module on the comet in the hands of the European Space Agency (ESA). After ten years of travel, it clarifies the historical mission of its mission, while Fille managed to land on the surface of Comet 67P / Churyumov-Geramisenko, separated from the mini-laboratory, Comet and Comet.

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