Thursday , January 21 2021

US Russia's anger over the invitation of NASA's canceled invitation

Russian lawmakers have been spoiled by the decision to cancel the invitation of Russia to the Russian-designated Space Chief of the U.S.

NASA's administrator Jim Bridestyon opposes the invitation of his Russian counterpart Dmitry Rosin to the U.S. In an attempt to "accommodate" the senator, the invitation to visit the United States next month was canceled. US Space Agency initially suspended Rosozone's visit, but then decided that at the end of the week it was "the best way to get back the invitation".

"It is unknown to us that NASA's colleagues are communicating with us through the media, not directly," state-run TAS Agency, a spokeswoman for the Roskosmos State Space Agency said on Sunday.

Spokeswoman, Vladimir Ustimanko added that the Russian agency is still waiting for explanation from NASA representatives.

The United States banned entry and spots in the assets of the then deputy prime minister Rogozin, as well as other officials in March 2014 convicted Russia's involvement in the Crimean peninsula. Rogozin operated powerful Russian arms industry before being appointed as head of Rosscosmos last year. .

"Asserted by the Associated Press, Senator Frans Klanschevich was mentioned." Political establishment "do not want to deliberately" to change its cookbook vectors

The alleged invitation to State Duma Deputy Yuri Shivkikis is called a "devastating step", which puts the US-Russia relationship at risk, state's RIA Novosti news agency reported on Sunday.

Russian Academy of Sciences Space Research Institute, Leo Zellano's head said that Venus has a possible joint Russian-American mission threatened in a canceled visit to Rogozine.

"Either work goes on, or studies on this mission paper continue," Zelloni noted. By TASS saying on Sunday.

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