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US The court determines a multi-million dollar trial against YPF – 06/01/2016

The United States Supreme Court has announced a decision on the abduction of YPF during the Cancer era era. In the case of an adverse decision, the underlying decision for the estimated amount $ 3,000 million The lower US Begin in court and begin the opening of the Discovery Process, or can provide evidence in which the government may try to show that the sale of oil company's shares was corruption.

The court should publish the case's verdict today, but the quantity of the file can be made on Friday, the next day of the court's meeting. Determine whether the subject matter is a question of jurisdiction, but the demand of the Gulf Fund for the nationalization of oil companies will continue in the United States or go to Buenos Aires as per the government's claim. Official strategy Based on the demand of the Burford Capital Fund, there is a trial in Argentina to be resolved by local justice, Who had the ability to claim and claim with the Peterson Group companies of the Eskenny family.

This issue had two unfavorable decisions for Argentina in the underlying circumstances of New York, and then the government appealed to the highest court of decision making between the three options in the United States: whether to accept an appeal, or a "solicitor", who will administer the United States in this case.

Argentina argues that the US The courts have no jurisdiction to deal with the claim because the outerization of the YPF is as follows Procedure of sovereign state should be treated by local court. In contrast, Burford-Pietersen's lawyers openly declared that the Kirchner government broke the agreement by acquiring 51% of the oil company during Argentina, and by minority shareholders (majority of paid reposol, which was paid to the country) by nationalization). They say that this subject is a commercial law and should try it in the United States, where the shares were issued.

The solution that is suggested by the source, which seems likely Bagler, It is that Argentina denies the court these days, but they hope to see the US. The administration can get to increase opinion. Likewise, the government is evaluating several strategies for possible defects.

The jurisdiction prescribed in the United States, this case will start from the beginning of the Laureate Presca New York Court and its resolution may take many years. "We must answer the lawsuit and continue with all the procedural stages of the General Trial in the US, where Discovery can be inaugurated," which is one of the evidence where the evidence is presented, sources close to the case told the journalist. "We Are Ready" They claim and say that, without disclosing the game, many options are considered.

With Discovery, the US Justice can throw light from the private YPF to the direction of the vulture. It is a story of black ones that has already been analyzed by the Argentine court on the head of Judge Lizo by Christina Karkner, Julio di Vido, Roberto Barata, Repsol and Enrique, and Sebastian Eskanya's Alicea Kerio, against Antonio Brewolfo.

As pointed out Clariné Washington's lawyer in the issue of corruption, the judge could open Discovery if any of the parties requested. "It is a professional case and it is based on the request of the party. It is not in public interest and then the judge does not force them to ask." If the government requests such a pattern, then it can provide evidence Burford will point out to the true identity of fund's owners Because part of its shareholder is hiding and it is suspect that they may be linked to Kirkarnism.

The lawyer says that the content of the owners is not compatible with the judge. For the United States, the problem is "If he legally excluded all the YPF shareholders from it, then ". He says that Burford is a different owner, he says.

In addition, he believes that if this case is complicated for Argentina, then he probably talks to negotiate and offer a small amount. There is no stable figure in the current demand, but the market is estimated to be around $ 3000 million or more.

The Pietersen group always makes it clear "There is no interference in any judicial process" Argentina or abroad because they got rid of shares and now they have no one.

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