Wednesday , January 27 2021

Video: & # 39; Superman & # 39; Meteorite crashes on the moon during

On the night of 20th to 21st January, thousands of people in different parts of the planet could observe three astronomical events at the same time: total lunar eclipse, the & # 39; moon's moon & # 39; And & # 39; Superman & # 39 ;. But, unexpectedly, some occupied the fourth part of the Earth's natural satellite: the meteorite effect on its surface.

"When it hit the Moon, it was completely destroyed and at the same time, it produced a new crater, and when it became a part of the energy, it was on the impact that light is flash. In the declaration of National Television Spain, Hulva University ( Spain) José Maria Madido commented that our telescope has been lifted.

And indeed, in the relevant recording you can see a small flash that is visible on the visible side of the moon. The video was taken from Sevilla by Telescope of the MIDAS project.

Scientists confirmed in his Twitter account that the timing of the local Spanish Peninsula took place at 5:41:38. According to the professor, it is likely that this rock was a fragment of the comet. In addition, he emphasized that this is the first occurrence of the fall of the meteorite during the lunar eclipse.

The expert wrote, "All efforts, the day and the peaks and the eight telescopes, the strain of managing, the same is valuable, one more motivation that inspires us to continue on the same path."

On the other hand, Medido explained in detail that meteorological effects on the Moon's surface are frequently found. "There is no atmosphere in the moon basically, and then there is nothing to stop the collision with our natural satellite," said the professor, explaining the existence of a large number of craters.



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