Wednesday , August 4 2021

Video: Hold false-casting citizens to engage in prostitution

It's about attacks for "business in individuals". They used luxury cars. They acted in the South Zone of the capital and Conabano

An organization that captures women, most of them, by the false productions of photos and then pushing for prostitution, were attacked by the police in the province of Buenos Aires after the attacks in the southern region of Conbano and some of the attacks in Federal Capital. .

The investigation and operation was carried out by the members of the headquarters of BejaZatei District, including sectional poems and other sections.

According to reports, in this case two women, one in 41 and one in 21, were arrested while three other women engaged in prostitution were freed.

The case started after the case of 15 year old citizens, which was taken by the clear manufacturer of photos in Quimps, who quotes it in the building of the Liberart Avenue in the city of Buenos Aires.

"The child was forced to remain private and the brothel activity was started, and its photos were published in different pages of sexual offers of various popularity, by confusing their actual identity and being told to lie to the prostitute," the investigators, who added "He was not only victimized by sexual exploitation but also by children's obscenity and corruption of citizens Arana suffered. "

According to the research, the organization's modus operandi was to capture young women in the southern zone of Caplemes, Florentio Verrela and Barazetti more precisely.

A police spokeswoman said that the girls were taken to a private recolet in a luxury car, which produced the screen maker.

Eventually, there were news in the Avenida Libertador Department, where an elderly woman served as a craftsman for women for sexual exploitation, and at Apliquet's home, where her other managers were arrested. Advocacy Career

100 condoms in sporadic, 30 sets of erotic lingerie-type underwear, cash and interest items were seized.

Procedures of prefectures, migration and representatives of national programs for the protection of human trafficking were also collaborated in the proceedings.

In case, "harassment, facilitation and / or promotion of prostitution among individuals", U.F.I. No. 1 and Judge of the Judicial Court of Quills 3 interfere.

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