Thursday , January 21 2021

Videos and Photos- Gymnastics reached Mendoza and settled in the Argentine Cup final

The team was in Guamlen, 48 hours before the match against Rosario Central. Rainfall in the capital of Mendoza was noon

Manduzzo (special forces) .- Gymnastics delegation is already established in the Mendoza province against the final of the Argentine Cup, which will be played after Thursday's Pre-Rogerio 21.15 in the Malvinas Argentinas Stadium.

The flight, which led to Albayazul Campus, came down after 17.50 and from there they went to the Guamlane section where they stayed in the Intercontinental Hotel Minute 19 minutes.

According to many leaders commented, due to the severe thunderstorm with rain and severe winds, the landing took some time, at the time it fell inside the Mendoza.

After settling in the hotel room, the players went to take breakfast.

Tomorrow's training in Mendoza is planned. At 10 o'clock, Gaudí will be the final rehearsal on the cruise venue, where ball plays will be reviewed and both will be in defense. This final will be the last practice and will be focused, only to watch the videos of the opponent and to have technical discussions.

Expectation of fans

Despite the bad weather, a group of La Plata fans in Mendoza welcomed the players against the hotel. A few minutes before speaking with a special envoy and expressing his desire for his expectations and "favorable result".

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