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What do the managers suggest to invest in Latin America?

An expert opinion

Global experts believe that there are opportunities for many countries in this field to appreciate current values

In the recent weeks, despite the complex situations experienced by world-wide markets, managers continue to see investment opportunities in Latin America and analyze the differences in other emerging areas: Asia.

Sandander AM. "Latin America has grown from 2000 to 2000 with an annual average of 2.5 percent." Another thing is the stock market. The combined yield of MSCI in Latin America is the same as compared to Asian company (9.1%). Luciano Buyo, Senior Manager of Investment Funds in Latin America, says. Investors' performance in the last 30 years was very impressive, "the next 30 subsequent proclamations".

"We want Asia to grow more and more, especially thanks to the presence of China, but we're still in demand to diversify Latin America," said David Chatterjee, senior global leader in the emerging market in Pictet AM.

"Asian markets have a bigger relationship, which means that if China grows too fast, it will hit Japan or South Korea," said an expert.

Alliance Global Investors. "China has a bit more volatility, where there is doubt about its growth" Alijandro Velasco, Vice President of Fixed Wealth Receiver, said: "The firm bases of Latin American companies."

In Asia, corporate debt is the big issue on the basis of fixed income, he says, "it's hard to attract investors." However, since Latin America has the opposite direction, the bonds of these bond companies decrease.

Income 4. Manager of Rt4, Latin America, Alejandro Vorla, argues that this sector is presenting strong points in the way of handling "economic policies." "There's a liberalization process going on", "Changing the wheel" and "real existence" appearances, experts say.

Brazil and Mexico

From Santander AM they see "value" in the future, however, the country suggests that "fiscal deficit or infrastructure should be reduced". The new executive led by Jail Bolsnar in connection with political power "has the opportunity to improve the economy through decisive steps."

In Mexico, this is an anchor for investors in this sector, which has "freedom" from the central bank, which has been "years".

"Perhaps the lowest point of interest has become the lowest point of interest in a very short period of time," she says from Picot M. However, it highlights the high political voice around the two countries. After the election, the Brazilian state has done a lot to improve the financial situation. There are plenty of them. In Mexico, we still have a lot of noise. That is the highest level of December ".

In the fixed income market, Brazil and Mexico are the two major markets in the region. In this sense, Velasco acknowledges that what affects today's Bonds is a threat to the death penalty in Brazil. He said, "The government is committed to reforms that help economic growth and we will monitor these measures, including pension reform."

For Mexico, there have been "some changes in the trend of the government." Just a few weeks ago, the AMLO executive thanked the sender's messages and had a good optimism. But now we are seeing what happens after many interruptions. In recent years (such as the cancellation of the airport plan in Mexico City), it can cause uncertainty and debt. "

Despite the election in July, the Andrews Manual Lopez Oberador government will be in power by the end of December.

Vertla, on the other hand, Rand 4 Latin America Funds "80% or 90% of Brazil and Mexico. " "We have more confidence in Brazil and we can open up with an economy of 1% growth and bring it to 2% in 2019. The decisions adopted by the government are still disappointing," he said.

Furthermore, Velasco should clarify that the government, which accepts the AML, would be entitled "a very positive right".

Other opportunities in Latham

One of the first, Lucian or bido highlights, one of the countries with investment opportunities like Argentina, can "touch" the "physical" assets. On the other hand, Chile remains "in the consumption zone." This is the area where experts are promoting one of the leading Latin American economies in the coming years. "After the first wave led by companies like Petrobras, other industries like industry and consumer sectors will rise."

There are some doubts about Pictet manager about the current state of Argentina. "We have not invested yet, but we've seen some recovery," he admits. "For the rest of the region, we are also considering the Consumer Sector, Brazilian Consumer Sector, Banco Do Brazil.

"Claiming that there is a lot of weight in the economy, they get rails in 18%, and 10x are fair prices." The deficiencies in the economy make this area even more vulnerable. In addition, the rest, in the opinion of experts, show that the evolution of consumption expresses "thanks to the rise of the middle class." "We went to large mining companies and concentrated on recovering lithium or copper."

Dell says Ramallets alajandrea in the market, "Mexico, in a preventive way, and in the Andes Region of Brazil, Chile and perilum tirkkunnatan more resistance. On the other hand, experts agree," the result of continuation of the ongoing elections, there are opportunities in Colombia. "" With a lot of opportunities to increase the use of the data in this region Inal, the telecom sector and dislikes. "

Relationship with raw material

"It is true that we have so many relationships with goods as a territory, that China is slow and impacting it," pointing to the steps taken by governments like the Mexican government. They tried to delete their account with the price of oil.

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