Monday , January 18 2021

What is the ICO and why was Floyd Mayweather fines

A poster by the boxer posted that he had received money from the initial Currency Offers (ICO). The SEC understood that it was an advertising law without having to explain Meweather that it was about it.

This Iko Often used for new lending Cryptocurrences, Through which the customer is offered "Tokens" In return for money. This can be exchanged as points by the airline in transferring locations.

As such they are not operated by the operations that are not Governments, Are often considered dangerous and are prohibited in many cases.

However, in case Mayweather The penalties often focus on the fact that they are broadcasting differently Iko Without informing it was advertised.

For this reason, after reaching the agreement with the government, it was approved for an undisclosed advertisement and would have to pay a total of $ 600,000.

Mayweather's publicity was spreading Central Tech, Which was at the center of the controversy indicating SEC to take into consideration the security IISO.

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