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What was the existence of Big Bang before? Should be something to go boom?

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What exists before the big pillars? Should be something to go boom? Ethan, 10, Sydney

Ethan, what is a question. To be truthful, we are not sure what happened before Big Bang. The whole idea of ​​"first" is not as simple as it seems – like we will soon find out.

But before entering your total spin before answering your great question, let's return to the beginning of our universe about 14 billion years ago.

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The Big Bang metal shards do not explode, such as in fireworks, but fast expansions Space itself.
Alex Sims / Wikimedia Commons

Quick repetition on startup

Big Bang is not actually a bang. It is not an explosion of metal branches, such as fireworks or any material; But fast expansions Space itself.

Initially, the universe was indefinitely small. All the things around us – stars, stars, planets, I and the stuff you make – they all joined together, which are known as singular. Singular is defined as "a point in space time", where the rules of physics break as they know them. "

For whatever reason, this singularity has quickly expanded into the universe, which we now call home.

After this rapid expansion, our universe began to cool down – leaving a pattern on the universe and known as the cosmic microwave background.

Rescue radiation from Big Bang tells us how our universe started and could lead to what happened before.
NASA / WMAP Science Team

So, if Big Bang created a cosmic microwave background, something else happened because of Big Bang?

Time before time?

Your question is an important idea in physics, which we call Causes.

In the world we observe around us, all the effects should be one reason. For example, take a deciduous tree. Perhaps an evil storm threw down the tree. Or maybe it was cut off by a chainsaw-welding lunatic.

But if you zoom into the Quantum world of atoms (small building block of everything), you will see something different. In this Quantum world, there can be effects without any reason.

Timeline of our universe
NASA / WMAP Science Team

Long ago, in the distant past, our whole universe was microscopic – just like atoms. Some effects of microscopic world do not require reasons, so it is possible that there is no reason to stop Big Bang!

And things can get even weirder. It is also possible that the Big Bang did not exist before the time. So before that there is no meaning to ask "what happened". He will ask, "What is the Earth's part in the north of the North Pole?" North Pole Is there The northernmost point of the Earth, and so there is nowhere else in the North.

Philosophical polar bears are probably & # 39; north of the North Pole? & # 39; Can solve the blending of.
Chief Yemen by Alfonso Brags US Navy Photo

But what would have happened before Big Bang?

Early start

Some scientists suggest that our universe is a repetitive result of the death of another universe and dies itself. This is known as "Big Bounce". This broken universe will reappear in singing before rising, will result in Big Bang and the brand will close the new universe.

In that case, gravity does not need to stop just dragging the universe, but bring it to the same point. Unfortunately, current observations show that our universe will not follow this trend, because it is spread faster than before.

Or maybe our universe is on the other side of the black hole called A White hole. White holes are the conceptual "opponents" of the black hole, in which the material is speeded up rather than the content of the substance.

Can our whole universe really be in the second half of the black hole?

Or maybe our universe also came out of a big universe! Cosmic microwave background image shows that the rest of the radiation is not the same, but in some areas lumps and bored. Some cosmologists – who have started researching how our universe started – it suggests that our universe is one of the many universes in the vast multivirus.

The fact is, we are not really sure what Big Bang started. Maybe you'll be too much to answer your question. If you know, can we know first?

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