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When celebrities deny television with AIDS

Every December 1, the world day for the fight against AIDS has been celebrated for decades, A disease in which there is still a lot of ignorance and misinformation on the part of the population, though it is in the hands. In this sense, it is worth remembering Unfortunately, the program had spoken a few minutes ago a week ago "U, do not miss anything" Danny Mato in Los 40 Mario Vakkizo And Alaska It says sharp phrases like that "It's not fair" to make HIV contract Certainly it is due to all the information or that If you contract it, you are a "donkey" Thus discrimination and stigma are encouraged by HIV and AIDS (the fact is that in the same place they said that there is no disgrace).

HIV in literature V.

The plot about this virus in Spanish television exists from the 90's Guard Pharmacy As a pioneer Usually in dealing with this thing, there is nothing boring. Currently, we can find Fiction Elite, Which shows that HIV We are not talking about minority people, but anyone can get it, even a very educated teenager from the family.

However, There is almost no public statistics coming out of HIV, Some guests out of it Save me, Like drag sunflowers, who talked about their coronary condition without warning to the virus, but without one more situation of their life. And these AIDS still panic, and there is one more example of present-day Nosophobia (fear of contractual agreement) that makes it impossible to talk about it.

& # 39; La Maquinhas de la Verdad & # 39; In the analysis of Emporo Munoz

In Spain's culture, many people have died as a result of AIDS. Tina Grass Las Greece, presenter Sonia Martinez, Different members like groups Tickets O Scare, Author Jeim Gil de Bidama O Angel Fernandez Franco, There are some examples of those criminals who act in the role of Torres' interpretation of Parrot Callegos, although there are many more, at the same time, this disease is something that is clear to declare death, because the aforesaid fear and stigma containing this disease Due to

AIDS was effectively synonymous with declaratory death for many years, however, with the right medicine, the virus is controlled to the point that HIV can not spread carrier disease. However, in the past, The fear of AIDS was such that many celebrities had to go to television to show their analysis to silence their mouth.

For example, this was the case of Miss Spain and Actress Emporo Muñoz, Or in 1990, he saw how there was a report in the Tribune magazine that he has AIDS, and signed the newspaper's newspaper information. Rosa Villacastin, In which it was said that he died due to the immunodeficiency of the virus.

Employers had to deny this information Hello first of all! In magazines, and in 1993, in the Telecinco program Seeker Machine "Some of my analyzes here are those that say, as a gymnasious diaz, I have no AIDS or antibodies from the pioneer" In the program presented by Tribune magazine director Julian Lago, he confirmed that information three years ago and it was shown on the screen.

Malagna proved to the lieutenant that he did not have AIDS, and that too He talked about this issue again Hello, Ruffled! But he did a different way: under hypnosis, while the conductor Tony Keem asked him about it.

Miguel Bose died as a result of AIDS

Emporio is not the only one. Miguel Bose, It is now news due to the separation from Palau, He had to solve this issue on two occasions, And on both occasions Mercedes Mila served as a speaker.

On the first occasion, there was an interview on TVE in 1986. "It has been said that he was born of AIDS, which I think is a lot. I am very good at health"Explained Miguel Bose, who added that he did not reject it because" I am not a heart press or a friend of terrorism of the heart. There is nothing to say about my intimate life, because it is for me and especially for me"

Fuss that resuscitated

Later, In 1992, a kidnapping came, saying that Miguel Bose died in Ramon Y Kajal Hospital. As a result of AIDS, and even that the plant was separated for it. An information that was denied again by Mercedes Mila, Now, in your space, on antenna 3 We want to know, And in which the singer faced questions with people about how people thought of their supposed death, if they believed this aspect of people's privacy should be respected or what their views about workers' discrimination were, people were HIV positive Is there

In other statements, Miguel Bose later said it There was a passion for me to say "Junk and Phag", and that is the truth. " Pedro AlodwarEven on the set, he did not give credit to some friends and journalists, when he talked about Miguel Bose being healthy, and he presented a question on air. "If you are an HIV positive, why do you have to be crappy? Who forces you to admit?", Questioned on the filmmaker.

Without a doubt, one delivery marks both of Miguel Bose and Mercedes Mella, who told Jordy Evonne in February this year Save What to do "It was cruel. If you asked me to choose a program that television is all for you, then on that day we know that it will be selected by me."

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