Monday , May 17 2021

With her mind on the river opposite superfine, Boca visits an independent artist: hours, TVs and compositions

Mouth, The next Sunday December 9, will now face the Copa Libertadores final in Madrid, in the Spanish city of Madrid, Will play risk while playing with freedom In a valid match for the 14th day Superliga Those who do not count on the visitor's presence.

The meeting will be held 19.20 In America's Libertadores Stadium, The referee will be controlled by Horror, and will be live television by a cable sports signal TNT games.

The match will be played Without a public interview Although the Awereid, along with the Security Ministry of Buenos Aires Province, confirmed the availability of 4,000 Boca locations, but the leadership of independence dismissed the possibility and declared that only "red" there.

Independent Mazas returns.

Avelleneda team His Lane interview has lost 1 to 0 And coach Ariel Hall Again, Martin Benitez and Maximiliania will be available for the fun, Who will come back to the ownership. All lines will change.

After meeting the suspension date Miza Silvio will enter Romeo's place When Benitez, Which came back from an overload added to the left (30 minutes in front of Lanus) Can take place in the bank Options

Apart from this, Francisco Silva will replace Juan Sánchez Mino when the Emine Britisite Pablo Hernández will enter the initial lineup instead.

Boca between Mondrid and Avelleneda

Guillermo Barros comes in week by whatever happened around the group directed by Schelotto The final against the Copa Libertadores River What to do For now It will be played Real Madrid stadium.

In relation to superliga, Boca comes from two consecutive winsTo last one-to-one petronotto as a local, from 1 to 0 and visiting the fort, the technician ordered that Raman Abilah will not come out of the game For muscle anxiety pain in one twin.

Although the medical organization concluded that it is a tear, Baros likes to keep it safe for an encounter with the Szczecin River. They will not be Augustine Rossi, Leonardo Just, Carlos LeftPablo Perez, Wilmer Neighborhood, Nahin Nandez And Cristian PawnAll the starters against the River in the first leg match,

Independent Martin's campaign; Fabricio Bustos, Nicolas Figol, Emanuel Britez, Gaston Silva; Francisco Silva, Nicolas Domingo, Fernando Gibor; Brian Romero, Emanuel Giglotti and Maximiliano Meza. DT: Ariel Hall

Boca: Estben Andrada; Julio Baferini, Paolo Goltz, Lisando Maglen, Lucas Olaja; Fernando Gago, Julien Chico, Augustine Almander; More Zerat, Dario Benedetto and Sebastian Villa DT: Guillermo Barros Schelotto

Stadium: Libertadores de América (Independent).
Referee: Derry Herrera
Time 19.20
Television: TNT games

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