Thursday , January 28 2021

With the skillful definition of Dore Moreno, Telares won the classic Belgrade of De Cordoba

One week after the official return Superlag And two of its beginning Copa Libertadores, Workshops Today has strongly encouraged its project by forcibly defeating Belgrade to 2 to 0 After the new edition of Cordoba Classic, the stadium was played with both fans "Mario Alberto Camps".

Colombian striker double Dore MorenoIn the first half, 29 and 32 minutes, second in the best definition of the shot, he gave a definite benefit to the leadership. Juan Pablo Parvoda, Which will cross with Saint Paul In the beginning of February, Brazil is included for the classification phase II.

Belgorods did not recognize his captain and Matthias SuarezFor the request of the coach, there was a shelter due to their close migration to the river Marcelo Gallardo, And Leonardo Sekkira, with half-a-half men playing with the expulsion.

Workshops will visit the Independence In Avellenida And Belgrade, It will fight for permanence Superlag In the next ten games, The union will receive On Saturday, the 16th day of the 17th of July, both Santa Fea

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