Monday , May 17 2021

With two goals by Borre, beat the monument Gymnastics 2-1 in the alternate of the river

The river saves its holders for the Copa Libertadores Superfinal, He will dispute with Boca in Madrid, and will be formed with his habit and adolescents To achieve Gymnastics and Fencing La PlataIn a monument, in a match corresponding to the fourteenth day of superligina.

The meeting was held at the Monumental Antonio Vespucci Liberty Stadium, with Sylvio Truco's Arbitration and Televisionizing Fox Sports Premium.

Marcelo Gallardo's alternative alignment was initially ambitious. And, detailed description of the risk of other action, Nicholas de la Cruz Gambeto and crack, and Rafael Santos Bauer, who will not play superfinals to be suspended, scored a 1-0 1-0 in game.

The goal is to force Wolf To leave: With pressure, moving to Luxe started. The condition of disease in Cathedral's headbands has often been created (the nephew of Guillermo Barros Szchelottto is written below) Millionaire) And because of the intervention of the Archer of Venezuela's Hartdodo.

Local, felt more comfortable with spaces. And Yuva Alvarez shows intelligence, which emphasizes on the aggression of Defender and De La Cruz, in the version of the river that was discovered.

35 ', another proof of the freshness of the river's singers that stimulates the club's instructors: Cristian Ferrera crafted the shot, shocked the shot, but leaked to the defense. Before the rescuing cross and before the goalkeeper went out, the recovery led to the Colombian, always well located: 2-0.

At the beginning of the second half, gymnastics were playing fast: Hartodo fought a ball, sent a center and Matthias Gomez attached. The referee's body understood that despite throwing the ball, the ball crossed the goal line.

"Millionaire" cast, It Entrecelona abolished Coppa Argentina only in the hands of rivals on SundayInjuries are limited campus. One of the affected, Ignacio Schoko works against the clock to recover from the tear Going to Spain, who will be able to join the right twins and delegations

Colombian "scatter" second Juan Fernando Quintinó, drag an overload Even in the right side twins, while Uruguayan Rodrigo Mora fights with sino vetitis in the hip, the production of an old trauma. Meanwhile, the defender Luciano Lolo Potential Holder with Gymnastics- Strain strain In the second metatrasole of the right foot, so it will be less by next year.

Gymnastics, even with adolescents.

The look of the team side from La Plata is similar to that of the river. Pedro Troglio is also ahead in the lead Rosario central against Copa Argentina – on Thursday, final-, therefore offers alternative training in commemorative interview.

Stadium: Antonio Vespucci Liberty (river).
Referee: Sylvio Trucco
TV: Fox Sports Premium

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