Monday , January 18 2021

Words of departure of Puluguta Rodriguez for fans of Atatato Tucuman

Jose Luis Rodriguez announced his departure from Atlatlano Tocumen yesterday and the club is suppressed by the top scorer and runner's departure, which will become the Cologne de Santa Fe player.

Last night, Atletico's official department published a few words of departure for Stryker. "I used to thank all fans of Atlatlico who banked me, who knew me in difficult moments to understand and support me.
Today I have to pick a new team, take an important challenge, and I hope to do what I did at Atlanta to get in my new club.
", Pulgueta started.

"I only have words of thanks, football I thank the shirt I had worn for eleven years.
I hope the club is going on and it's been with the best success
"He continued.

In the end he admitted that how difficult it is to say goodbye: "It was a very difficult decision I made, but sometimes to make a mistake, you need to make a decision and this is mine, who is able to move. I hope I can do it in Santa Fe.
I hope you understand. Thanks all

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