Wednesday , January 27 2021

"You're almost ignorant and …", Marcelo Polino destroys Cynthia Fernandes

Marcelo Polino It is one of the most political jurors Dancing for the dream. He was always standing for his lower grades and for his reckless commentary about the participants and his colleagues. At this time, there was a run-in with a journalist Cynthia Fernandes, Who was on Monday on the second dignity of the reality of the new rhythm, and the most difficult, folklore was a dancer Marcelo Tinelli.

When the time for the return came, the coaches endorsed the saying saying that "we lost two days to lang", if we go into a fight, then we bring it and we put it together, that is, we still bet on it. Whether he likes it or not, "he assured. Florencea Pia answered:" I love that they endanger and bring new things, this is a concept, from clothing to clothing, the fact that you are not traditionally packed And I celebrate them. I did not like this proposal ", the jury stopped.

Thereafter, it was a return to the policy, who did not forgive the participants for the selection of the cycle of dancing with Gonzalo Garber in the rhythm of "Chakrera del Violan". "For that reason, when she brought La Gorda Yaseer, Carmen lost Barbarian, and they allowed him to bring a very nice but unknown issue, which was not indicated in the list," the jury condemned.

To protect itself against the "Show Experts" attack, Chicago had suggested: "Celebrate what we bring new things", and this was the phrase that made the journalist angry, who made them angry: "I love Christmas, my love, I'm going to celebrate you. "

"I extend my head to dance because these things exist, you people who insult this dance, tell yourself," a member of the panel asked. "You're almost unaware and you've completed your primary school, you tell me that you're a creepy, my favorite, good evening," Marcelo disagrees with itching before stamping it and condemns it.

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