Monday , May 29 2023

YPF said that the price at the pump will achieve its value


The statement made in today's company in interview with Investors allows the Board of Directors to review the evolution of production, hydrocarbons, refinement, and trade in all sectors, after the presentation of results each year and the presentation of results.

At the same time, Sergio Giorghi, Vice President of Strategy and Business Development, said that using Pepsi import as a key indicator for peso fuels for their fuels, and crude oil in Argentina when the market was lifted a year ago.

Considering the evolution of prices on the basis of retail prices from April, it is about the price of service stations, but in November the price has increased. Fuels.

On October 1, oil prices fell to $ 69.79 a barrel from $ 84.90 a barrel. That is a 17 percent decline, ie the Brent crude oil price, the dollar in the local plaza has moved from $ 39.60 to $ 36.42 in the previous month.

By this month, the national oil companies decided to increase the price by 2 per cent. Under the two main competitors, 4.5% for Naphtha and 7% for Diesel its public and premium items.

After April, we are at the bottom of the import parity and the monthly price will be adjusted and we can not hold back in the third quarter.

Dollar prices and oil prices have reached the dollar value of "over the years" over the past few years. However, he added to investors who arrived at YPF in the last quarter of this year that "import parity is usually too fuel, except diesel."

The company's vice president said: "Requirements will continue to monitor market and business conditions before making changes." "Said Vice Presidents of the company.

The prices were regularly adjusted to "weaken the demand" and assured George when explaining the reasons for "Not increasingly violent price rise for the business to understand that it's negative to the business."

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