Monday , January 25 2021

Zawie: "The Messi era is not bad, but Madrid continues with its history"

In the last years, surrealism of Real Madrid is unquestionably international. Lionel Messi has not been able to go to Marrengu, with Barcelona as his great guy, who won four of the last five editions of the Champions League.

Despite this, Quali's team midfielder Zavi Hernandez made clear that Barcelona should not be disappointed with the success of the White House during the Argentine star's time. "The Messi era is not over, and if you look at it completely, it's wonderful, without it, we have a Champions League, and we already have 5 with it. The Messi era is not bad, but with Madrid's history Continued, before Cristiano, he had nine champions, but Messi has changed Barca's history, both have played football in the last 15 years, "he said. Rkani dialog newspaper said.

On the other hand, the currently played player in the al-Sad of Qatar League said after the Messi era in Blograa, "Obviously something will be considered, Messi is not only a scorer, it is a playmaker who passes the last pass, almost anyone who marks a team's game He is not injured when he is not injured, he has taken a lot of notes, it is not the same, he breaks the line, divides you, drops you and excels in this attack. It is important to expect to be careful about the MCMA query and those players who are now (Cotinho, Dambale, Sage Roberto, Umatite, Ter Stage …) take a step forward.

After all, Hernandez praised Leo, with which he shared staff in Barcelona for many years. "It's stratospheric, I'll give it a golden ball every year," he said.

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