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2013 angry at the police attack

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Fresh details have emerged about a pair of alleged violent incidents involving police officers, one of which was done six years ago at the Gailong police station.

The local case came back in 2013 and after the arrest of disabled pensioner Phil Dixon, who attacked an officer and also caught a drink driver.

The victim was arrested by hand, stabbed a few times, and then Michael Cook dropped the officer on the ground.

In footage, blood can be seen from the wound on its forehead.

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The victim complained to the police professional standards, which resulted in Mr Cook's accusations of general law and was suspended for one year without a salary.

No decision has been registered against the official's name.

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Mr. Dixon spoke to ABC television, when he did not remember the night, he suffered many serious injuries from the incident.

He told me Broadcaster, "I had broken into that knot … my ligament ligament in my shoulders and I could not stand my hand."

"It took me 21 months [to heal from], Or something like that. "

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Three years later, the police in Melbourne were involved in another brutal attack – this time the case of error identification.

Officers falsely arrested indigenous teenager Tommy Lovett in Melbourne in April, 2016, when a man was discovered in the 40's.

The 18-year-old was kept in Handball and was thrown into a fence in Heidelberg, where dizziness, grazing and minor bleeding took place.

He was accused of being arrested for arrest, but the allegations were withdrawn.

Pictures: ABC.

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