Friday , January 22 2021

& # 39; Kringi & # 39; at the bride wedding. Share the opinion on math quiz

A girl has announced her and her future husband's plan that they will work hard to make their wedding guests hard work, so they can decide where they are in the event.

The screenshot of the Facebook's announcement was posted on Reddit, when she announced that guests would have to solve math problems before they could sit in their meal.

Anonymous girl explained that both her and her men were both men's mathematicians because she plans to include multiple math references throughout the event.

The post reads, "At dinner time, guests are required to answer a mathematical question to find out where they sit."

"Every guest / couple will be presented with a unique, bespoke question: it leads directly to the problem and subject matter we know from their mathematical background."

According to the bride, many of the guests have a "research-level" background in mathematics and their questions will be taken from their personal research papers.

The bride wrote that "she is an obsessive but entertaining process to watch all the papers that are always watching."

However, many people on social media do not believe that the math quiz was a great idea at the wedding, some people called them for "math-shy".

The person who posted a screenshot at Reddit said that "there will be no immediate RSVP".

One person commented, "There is one way to exclude many guests from your wedding."

Others consider this idea as "cringe" and "a great way to make your guests feel insufficient or humiliated."

But everyone felt that it was a bad idea.

"When it is true that this destruction can end, it is absolutely beautiful and adorable on the surface. A small intimate party indicates and they have paid attention to every guest," one person wrote.

"Not really right or aggressive screaming."

Others said that they feel "happy" and claim they will enjoy the puzzle individually.

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