Wednesday , June 23 2021

73 doctors accidentally remove the kidneys from women

About six months ago, a Colorado woman suffered from infection. He was diagnosed with dialysis three days a week.

Linda Woollah, now in the transcriptional weighting list, has thought the doctors at the University of Colorado have kidney cancer.

According to the Fox 31 query, in March 2018, a biopsy report alleged that "there is no evidence of danger". But two months later, the woolen organs were removed.

"I'm happy," she said in news outlet after learning that she did not have cancer. "My whole life has changed, and how dialysis is not a picnic for you to use it for you to undermine your life."

A spokesman said in News outlet that there is no information about the case, "Woolley said, appointed by a lawyer.

"You are terrified because when you enter the hospital you have no choice," Woolley's Fox 31 said. "You believe that you are going to believe."

One follow-up from news outlet has been received from the kidnap provider since their original article was published. Although they do not match the O + requirements, Woolley said, perhaps donation can change.

"People are surprised," she said Fox 31. "Good things happen better."

The story first appeared in the Fox News and republished with permission.

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