Tuesday , August 9 2022

Anadarko Petroleum Corporation (APC) Insider Selling Fast Rate


Incentrand is sold in adapter petrol corporation (NCSE, APC). The current sales / purchase ratio now stands at 11.61. In the last three months, APC has opened 7 sales. When they sold 17,839 shares, 1,537 shares were purchased during that period. Within 12 months, corporate insiders bought 35,080 shares and bought 46,968 shares. The total area of ​​12 months indicates the proportion of sales / purchase from 0.75 to 1.

Chair Antony R Ankare added 1.91 lakh shares of Petroleum Corp (APC) to an average 52.48 dollars. Company Insider trading held on 05/18/2017. The total set to purchase is set to $ 99.97. After this transaction, the account balance reduced to 23.64. Increase in share prices jumped by 10.92 per cent. Director Fluor Peter J bought 20,000 shares of the 51.83 dollar share. It added 1.04 million shares in total. The stock price was 12.31 per cent. The dealer's director account has left 146.75 thousand shares remaining.

On 05/17/2017, Chairman, President & CEO Walker made a purchase deal of RA $ 1 million. This purchase included 19.3 thousand shares in the portfolio of insiders at $ 51.82 wide. However, the stock price went up by 12.33 per cent after the Bombay Stock Exchange. Insider now stands at 284.72. Gordon John R., who works as director 7.5 thousand dollars sold at 459.75. It was sold at 11/11/2010 at 61.3 dollars. Shares of the stock have fallen by 5.04 percent since the reporting year. Gordon John R. Besides, a total of 171.08 stocks sold.

On Friday, the price of Friday rose to 58.21 dollars, an indication of 46.02 percent. The Adatar Petroleum Corporation (APC) has an average monthly sales target of $ 85 per barrel. The target target for the stock target is $ 62 – from APC's current stock price of more than 6.51%. The shareholders' holding in the next 12 months will go up by 49.13 per cent. At the same time, they have set a $ 100 price higher. Today's trade will increase by 71.79 per cent.

& # 39; RCI & # 39; in front of Activists Operators The daily chart reached 44.85. If the price is below $ 55.21 then the price may be higher, and the stock may be even more weak. By flippy, it is possible to go down to 59.19 marks at 60.17. The stock is currently on the first support level of $ 56.71. Following, the next support is at mid-$ 55.21. Until that time, the APC stock is at this level, and the bulls are not afraid.

Anarkarco Petroleum Corp's shares are trading in the ratio of 91.01 times of revenue in the last 12 months. The industrial APC runs on average 17.74 p / e. The P / E ratio was 50.39X. It was 50.39 in five years. Inflation rate was 2.36. Compare this using the industry average p / s of 80.87. The total profit of Adatro Petroleum Corporation is 84.8 per cent and 20.9 per cent margin. Net profit of 11.5 per cent.

On November 9, Anadarko Petroleum Corp (NESPS) rose by 0.42 points to 58.73, a rise of 5.924 million shares, up from 58.67 dollars a barrel to $ 56.51 a barrel on the stock exchanges. The market capitalization was 30.3 billion dollars and now it sells 519.92 million shares, Indeed, the days anarkkavea Petroleum Corporation stock price losses of 12.18 per cent.

According to the latest reported earnings, the APC was more than $ 0.82 per share and was worse than $ 0.84. Thomson Reuters commented. An estimated $ 3.7B yield is better than an estimated $ 3.48B analyst. The revenues will rise to 49.5 percent this year and 50.76 percent next year, an increase of 12 percent annually over the next five years. For the next financial year, the net interest income of the APC rose from 26.9 per cent to US $ 3.72 billion. Income increased by 416.67 per cent to $ 0.93. The report highlights an increase in shares in 22 different revenue receipt in Anarkaco Petroleum Corp. The company's projection of revenue will be reduced by 0.02%.

Beta has 3 years of APC Stock 1.53. The risk of higher return returns and the risk is higher. Twelve months after the share of profits of a company was at 0.64 dollars per equity share, The stock price rose 13.25 per cent to 12.5 per cent at 12.5 per cent. Shares of the company fell 24.11 percent to 52.70 dollars a barrel, down from 24.38 percent in 46.80 in 52 weeks. The average consolidation rating of the company is 1.8. When comparing an encoded rating rate it is 5. In summary, average analytical recommendations call this stock a buy.

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