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ATO Tax Return Claim: All changes are due on July 1


That is the last day of the financial year and tomorrow's changes will depend on flooding in Australia.

Reducing tax incentives in Superannuation Overhaul, as well as Minimum Wage, Child Care Subsidy and Luxury Car Tax, news.com.au has broken it into a simple, long-lasting list to help you understand it starts before July 1.

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Income Tax Refief on the Stand

The coalition took income tax breaks in the elections and is under pressure to encourage the economy to boost the economy and push the economy down.

When passed, after registering a tax return, the lower and middle income earners will get a tax deduction of $ 2160 for a single earner at the rate of $ 1080 or for dual income families at the beginning of July 1st.

The tax cut involves three phases of the $ 158 billion plan, in which the Parliament is expected to contest the final phase when it starts again on July 2.

The Australian tax office, however, will abolish the law after June 30.

Write an amount of $ 30,000 in instant escet

It is the last to buy or splash a new car for a business on a walk-in freezer to take advantage of lift in government property articles for small businesses.

At the beginning of this year, the instant asset-offs grew from $ 25,000 to $ 30,000, but a new survey found that there are no quarterly business owners' initiatives.

A study conducted by the Officeworks and H & A Block said that 84% of Australian employers would not take advantage of this instant cash rights-this year, because H & T tax expert Mark Chapman shares these tips to promote books. Year is coming to an end.

It says that writing is a great way to increase closing costs.

Mr Chepmean news.com.au. Said, "We reach the end of the financial year, now is a good time to plan for the last minute."

This initiative will allow businesses to buy up to $ 30,000 worth of items, and on July 1, the tickets will be immediately reduced to tickets on July 1.

"It's a really good time to take advantage of cash flow," he said.

"It's a real win for small businesses because if you buy tax-deductible office equipment, computers, laptops, equipment or motor vehicles and utes, then you write the entire cost to your taxes."

Inactive super accounts for closure of Julie 1

Australians may lose the wrapped cover of their old super accounts, while a little known but important change of tomorrow applies tomorrow.

Most people do not know that their superannuation in the fund is included in the default life insurance. And on the first day of the new financial year, their default life cover will be closed for super-accounts inactive for 16 months.

According to the Australian Superannuation Funds Association (ASFA), more than 50% of Australians have no idea that these changes do not occur, while one in four wonders whether their super-linked life insurance is also there.

Many Aussies have multiple Superannuation Funds because they choose their employer's default fund when they start a new job.

Therefore, most will still have access to Default Life Insurance through their current, active Super Fund, but Osiz is being requested to check the status and terms of their fund.

ASFA Chief Executive Martin Fahie said that "this law has been presented for very good reason."

"However, the time limit for implementation means that it is challenging to include its members for superannuation funds that they can understand the consequences of changes in just a few short months."

How Super Changes Will Affect Young Workers

When a super-change comes from July 1, the members decide to close until the default life insurance associated with super funds is closed.

Shane lawyers' superannuation law expert Will Barsby says that it takes longer than the balance of $ 6,000 for young Australians and traditions.

"The idea behind these changes was to stop eating it through a small balance fee, but unfortunately what it would do is to open a new group of people under the risk under the insurer," Mr Barsby told News.com.au.

"If you have hurt yourself and can not work for a long time, there may be a change in life due to lack of proper insurance cover.

"In our law firm, we help many workers injured in workplace accidents to access their insurance and, unfortunately, many junior staff or instructors who can only harm themselves unnecessarily.

"If you have income security insurance for example, you can pay 75% of your wages to recover."

And what about it on verbality?

"Maternity leave or paternity leave workers do not contribute to their super funds, so under these changes, if they have been paid in their account for more than 16 months, their insurance will be canceled."

"We know that many women will take leave of an extended maternity of two years or more or sometimes their children will not be back to work until they get older.

"They catch many parents, we are facing a situation where people will go to bed on June 30 and cover up to July 1 and will not wake up."

Other super changes

• Less than 6,000 dollars will be charged 3% fee to avoid being crowded through balanced accounts fees

• All super funds will ban exempt fees

• Those who have retired between 65 and 74 and can make super-contribution in old age if they do not meet the work requirements and their super-balance is less than $ 300,000.

Student Loan Modifications

University graduates will repay their student debt from 1 July, while the HELP payment threshold will be $ 51,957 to $ 45,881. Those who come in the minimum payment threshold must pay their debts at 1 percent in one year. Comparison of Comparative Places Market says that in the second year, $ 46,274 can be reduced to help nurses / midwives in the NSW, which is $ 462 a year in student loan payments.

Penalty rate and minimum wage

The minimum wage will increase from 3 weeks to $ 740.80 or a full first pay-off starting on or before July 1, $ 19.49.

Luxury Car Honors Taxes

Victoria's market worth $ 200 to $ 14 will be charged for cars valued at $ 100,000 and $ 150,000.

At a price of more than $ 150,000, the car will be charged $ 200 for $ 200.

Low-emission cars and farming vehicles will be exempt from this fee.

Payroll tax real

In Queensland, about 1500 businesses will get tax relief, the state government has increased the payroll threshold from $ 1.1 million to $ 1.3 million.

Child care support rates

Changes for the Child Care Subsidy Income Thresholds include:

• $ 68,163 – up to 85 percent

• Down from $ 68,163 to $ 173,163 – up to 50 percent

• $ 173,163 to $ 252,453 – 50 percent

• $ 252,453 to $ 342,453 – up to 20 percent

• $ 342,453 to $ 352,453 – 20 percent

• $ 352,453 equal or above – 0 percent

Family tax benefits change

A free income for the Family Tax Benefit Part will be $ 94,316 to $ 98.988 from 1st July. More than $ 98,988 for every dollar families will be reduced by 30%.

The most common mistakes in tax times

H & R Block Tax expert Mark Chapman told the news. The most common mistakes made with tax claims were unsuccessful in maintaining organized records.

These people can limit how many claims they can make because they have lost the receipts or can not prove a purchase.

"Make sure you do not forget to claim things for which you can actually claim, things like working from house to house".

"If you are spending the weekend and working from home in the evening, then things like that are repeatedly forgotten by people who can make a claim."

This will allow you to claim a part of your home bill, such as electricity, internet, mobile and any devaluation on resources such as computers and printers.

Chapman said, "These days it is surprising how many people use their own personal mobile phone to use the work, so their work does not provide a phone, but they are expected to be on call 24-hours-a-day."

"It can quickly add that kind of thing."

Costs to look for work *

• Claims for work-related clothing, dry cleaning and laundry expenses. ATO has flagged the taxpayers who will take advantage of the exemption from those who spend less than $ 150 on laundry expenses, having a receipt for those who spend less than $ 150. ATO believes that many people actually claim it without spending expenses.

• Deductions for the use of home office, in which "business" costs such as rent, rates and mortgage interest are included, unless you are actually allowed to do business from home unless you are allowed to do business.

• Overtime meal claim

• Union fees and subscriptions

• Mobile phones and internet charges, which focus specifically on people who claim to be full (or substantial part) as work related to their personal mobile.

• Motor vehicle claims, where taxpayers are 5000 km Take advantage of the 68-kilometer-flat flat rate available for travel. ATO is concerned that many taxpayers automatically claim a limit of 5000 kilometers, regardless of the real amount of travel.

• False claims of deductions under the rule, which allow a total of $ 300 or less in costs to claim taxpayers without a receipt. ATO believes that some taxpayers are claiming this – or just under $ 300 – without actually spending expenditure

Physical Property Deductions *

• ATA has announced that it will pay close attention to additional interest cost claims, such as property owners attempting to claim homeowners and borrowings on their rental properties.

• It will also see wrong income splitting of rent between owners and owners, such as deduction on joint ownership property, claim by the owner with higher taxable income.

• They will see holiday homes that are not actually available for rental. The tenant property owners should claim for the rental of the property or the actual available for rental. Can not claim on a personalized usage period. This is particularly important for holidays where ATOs regularly find out the landlords' evidence that they claim deduction for their holiday pad on land, when they actually use their owners or their families and friends, Free.

• It will monitor the false claims for newly purchased rental properties. The costs of improving the current loss and defect in purchasing or renewal costs may not be immediately claimed. These costs are deductible for many years. ATO is expected to investigate such claims and push them back against claims stacked.

Economy Share-UP Sharing *

• To ensure that revenue and expenses are reported properly, ATO will monitor people working in a shared economy.

• Examples include leasing of passengers to passengers (uber), parking spaces, providing skilled services like Web or Business Services (Airsaccer), supplies of equipment or tools, excessive jobs, mistakes or delivery of goods, or equipment like equipment. , Musical instruments or sports equipment.

• Rent a room or house for accommodation is a big one. A clear example of the Airben Host. ATO is believed that the taxpayers claim the complete CGT principal residence exemption while their main residence has been rented by Airbnb – the law prevents the full CGT exemption where part of the main residence is used to earn revenues.

* Source: H & R Block

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