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Australia and South Africa Twenty20 cricket live scores, updates, results, and video

Australia lost 2-1 in the one-day match against Australia in the one-day series.

Each match is counted as the case for Test berth before the first match against India in December.

There are many players who have to stand at sixth position while choosing themselves for the bowlers. Australia's unexpected batsmen will be given an opportunity to miss the opportunity to run on the board.

The match will start at 7.20 am.

Massacre on Australia shootout

Mathew Renshak lost the opportunity to impress.

Mathew Renshak lost the opportunity to impress.Source:AAP

Marsh brothers are one of a number of batsmen who have the chance to find a formal form in the Sharpfield Shield rankings on Saturday.

Shaun Marsh (21), Martin Mitchell (1), Peter Handcomb (4) and Matt Rensha (21) were the most successful performers.

Shaun Marsh resumed nine wickets in the Adelaide Test against South Africa.

Sibing michan only has four balls. They became furious. Second slip.

Canberra opened up the scandal in the Test spinner Nathan Lyon's Queen's Claude.

New Zealand's Test bowling attack came from Raina 68. One of Lyon's four victims.

Another batsman, Joe Bay Burns, was playing in the Champions Trophy in the upcoming Test series against India and Josh Husweld.

Labashagagan was in six boundaries in the first half.

Mitchell Starc (1-71), Hale Wood (2-53), Leone (83)

The beginning of the series against India on December 6 in Adelaide.

South Africa in the one-day series against South Africa in the first one-day international against South Africa in the first one-dayer of the one-day series against South Africa in the first match of South Africa in the first one-day series against South Africa. Captain Tim Paine, former Australian batsman George Bailey, Alex Doollan and Matthew Wade,

Stuart had scored 115, 76, 53, and 90 in the first innings. However, it was not a Test match. Though he was brought into the middle class as a specialist batsman, he was also involved in betting.

A strong end in last summer, this is the record for a half-century half-century, in which he has repeatedly scored in a shell of the season. Some people think that he may again wear bagain green again. But he is one of two victims of Scott Bold. 14.

While 87-year-old Travis headed against South Africa on Friday, Kal Ferguson and Jake Lehmann did not reach double digits. His final Test of 2016 was Moises Henriques who scored 158 runs from 178 deliveries.

Steve Larkin, Aam Aadmi

Lin "wants to throw the first punch"

Time for the fight against Australia.

Time for the fight against Australia.Source:News Corp Australia

Chris Lin is trying to prove the strategy for the Twenty20 World Cup against South Africa.

However, Master Blaster says that there is no free cutting pattern on Saturday night in the Gold Coast in T20.

The 28-year-old Lin raised his Barcelona headlines in the T20 league. But Australia needs his fireball.

Tendulkar, who scored 44 in the second ODI against Adelaide, defeated South Africa 2-2. Only 59 runs scored at 19.66.

The 2016 World Cup, which pointed to Looney, lost its chance to exclude Lincoln.

However, the disappointing Queen's night was tired from Saturday's Twenty20 games and the critics were silent.

"I still want to make a point and I think there is a lot of opportunities for international cricket, but I do not think it's far, since Dominoes have not played yet," Lin said.

"Personally, I think it's a good place, hit the ball.

"That is why the world is the best of international cricket. If you do not wipe off with one game, you're a sort of sports player and South Africa will be above one of their games."

Lynn may be misleading the paper but at the Meticin stadium the Australian did not move the X-blocks to resort to a similar attack.

"I do not think I'll be honest," said Lin. "There is nothing to run but the whole game plan can not be altered because it is lost twice.

"We want to leave there, throwing the first punch and lying in a back pattern.

"There will be some nights in Twenty20, it's not going to happen to others, just way back – the luck of the bowl goes my way."

The first T20 game against South Africa will be played in the Twenty20 International at the Metro Stadium.

In T20, Australia said that Australian bowlers would be shining or long lasting summer against India.

The four-Test series against India will start on December 6 in Adelaide.

India is hoping to start the series in the Twenty20 series. Lynn said that I am trying to face the challenge against India in the Test series.

Wayne Clark, AAP

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