Wednesday , January 27 2021

Bernard Tomik and Nick Kyrgyz left the Davis Cup team

Before the collision with Botsia and Herzegovina, Nick Kergius and Bernard Tommy were expelled from Australia's Davis Cup team, after a few days, Luthor Hewitt revealed Cracks in relation to the captain and his team's elements with the Tommyck's extraordinary press conference conference.

After the impressive run in the third round of the Australian Open, the nineteen-year-old Alex de Minor will lead the charge of Aussie, in which the impressive winning streak on the home country will end at the end of the red-hot Rafael Nadal.

It was a brave defeat with the defeat of D Minouir in Sydney International Trophy, in which the stars of 2018 participated, which took place in the world's top 20 in a teenager's age.

John Millman, Jordan Thompson, doubles expert John Pierce and rising star Elixie Poperyen joined Day Minor to make a team of five men. Attractive Australian Open Wildcard Alex Bolt will also join the team as reserve.

Hewitt said that the team's name was given in a statement issued by Tennis Australia, "Poppy showed us that he can match with top players and it's a pleasure to perform so well in his second appearance in Grand Slam."

"John Millman and Jordan Thompson will bring experience to the team as John Pearce will take part in the ninth Grand Slam Man doubles quarterfinals.

"Alex Bolt is also better to bring Adelaide after his impressive run last week.

"Our focus will now be to prepare for the tie and as a team we are excited to bring Davis Cup tennis back to Adelaide for the first time in 15 years."

When the good news story is in the new players taken for the team, those players are left abandoned which will essentially create headlines, the bad stuffs between the Tommy and Hewitt will get more oxygen.

Hewitt had already said that despite being the captain of the team, Tommy will not be picked, but ignorant of Kiergos is saying the same, because this pair was not close enough and the former world number 13 ranking is in the free-fall.

After losing straight sets Marin Silicus in the first round of Australian tennis, Tommy was brought to the sensational light, in which the troubled star started an aggressive attack on Hewitt during a match-match press conference.

Former world number 17 has accused the two-time Grand Slam champion that he had encouraged special players for selfish reasons and hugged the Australian ranks.

Tommy excitedly turned Kyrgios into a triand, when he indicated with the pair in Thanasi Kokkinakis, Hewitt was the captain until Davis wanted to play tennis.

Kyrgyzos again enthusiastically confirmed Davis Cup format and his desire to represent his country, but failed to give Hewitt a strong statement of support when asked about his relationship at his press conference.

When Tomik doubled, he threatened Hewitt with physical violence, and then confirmed by his father John Tommy that legal action would be initiated after claiming that he would make the captain of the Davis Cup Blackmail or threatening his family following Hewitt's response. Is there.

With the release of the Davis Cup in 2019, Australia will take place in 12 qualifying connections hoping to join the 18-team champions Croatia, France, Spain, Great Britain, the US and Argentina in Spain in November.

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