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Black Diggers will cooperate in full investigation after Tyson's sexual abuse claims


December 03, 2018 08:54:58

Famous astrophysist Neil Diggers said Tyson would collaborate fully with "neutral investigations" in connection with sexual abuse allegations against him.

Key points:

  • A woman said that she was "realized" by Tyson while she was watching the Solaroid tattoo
  • Another one said that he had made improper advances during his wine and cheese event at home
  • Tyson denied both accusations, and said he welcomed the investigation

Patios Domaine recently published accounts from two women, which stated that Tyson was sexually inappropriate in front of them.

In the report, astronomer Katlen Allers said that when she reached her dress while looking at the sun-system tattoos stretching her back and her collar bone area with her own hands, she was "felt" by Tyson.

Tyson's former assistant Ashley Watson was also told that she had left her job after improper sexual development when she invited to share wine and cheese at her house.

Patio had previously reported allegations by the composer Touchia Emmett, while Texan University graduated students were in Texas, while Tyson raped her and raped her.

In a Facebook post on Saturday, Dr. Tyson Rejecting the confusing charge of Allars, she said that she was only inventing Pluto in her tattoo and never giving it a sense of discomfort.

"One colleague … came to me asking for a photograph. She wore a sleeveless dress with her extended tattooed solar system," she said in the post.

"And when I do not remember clearly in search of Pluto at the top of his shoulder, he definitely would have done something in that situation. As we all know, my professional history is with the magnitude of Pluto … so people are included in my I'm very interested in tattoos or not.

"I was discovered by & # 39; it was discovered & # 39; groped & # 39; on her dress, when she was searching only under the cover of her shoulder of the sleeveless dress.

"I only learned [nine years after] She believed these behaviors are creepy. It was never my intention and I am sorry to feel that way. "

He also rejected that he had increased his favor for his former assistant, stating that he had "fun, conversational relationship".

Tyson had closed his shirt to MS Watson, the Washington Post, so he just wore undershirt, and talked about how people needed to "release" and asked what he was.

Tyson said that she chose to go to her home freely, and later told her that she "got out" by alcohol and cheese evenings.

"She saw the invitation as an attempt to attract her … In the last meeting of my office, I apologized, she apologized."

Fox and National Geographic Networks have said that they will do a thorough investigation.

Tyson was host of Cosmos: In 2014, the newest version of the possible world on Fox and series was broadcast on National Geographic next year.




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